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  1. Wow all your Goldie's are beautiful! Is Mojo's change of color normal for a blue oranda?
  2. leross04


    I will start that in a day or two then thank you! A quick update the fry is doing good! it's eating the hikari first bites and swimming aroun she still tiny I'll get pics if I can. Today the mom is laying eggs again! so I made a spawning mop and it's in the tank I'll take it out tonight and see what happens
  3. leross04


    Can I use the liquid prazi? and how do you do waterchanges with the prazi?
  4. leross04


    I'll get that tonight! also when and how should I prazi the fry
  5. leross04


    She is too cute! the way she swims! she cant swim very far but its too cute! I have floating plants on top for her to nibble at. What should I get next for her to eat?
  6. leross04


    Yes I have one baby! I'm too excited right now! I am worried a bit though I've never had fry before! It's in a little bowl there's about a 6 inch depth with a bubbler is that ok for now?
  7. leross04


    Tonight I was watching my fish and two of my telescopes were being very aggressive towards my girl tele. I looked closer and spotted about 10 eggs on a rock. ( I have gravel so it's almost impossible to spot out anything else on the gravel floor.) Anyways I've never had an experience with goldfish eggs before, should I take out the ones I find if so what do I put them in do they need a filter? Is it likely that she will lay eggs again soon? If I take the eggs out whats the maintenance on them, and what should I be prepared with? (hopefully they're fertilized, I might be getting ahead of myself)
  8. Thank you every one I am going to bury her this weekend
  9. I'm so sad to say Melvin has passed away. It was a sudden very fast death, she showed no signs of being sick I will miss her very much. She was a the highlight of the tank.. At least she's with her sister now Clementine RIP Melvin. Here's a quick video of how friendly she was.
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