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  1. Your have beautiful fish, and I love the tank
  2. He is darling! It is a shame you couldn't get him
  3. Awwww! They look like such good friends
  4. Yeah, they really are. Thank you so much! lol Thanks Thank you, it took them a while to settle in. I felt so glad to move them, they are enjoying it so much. Thank you Thanks!
  5. Thanks everyone. I am glad to know what Fern is. She has a a missing gill plate, I think she was born with it.
  6. Fern is the orange and white one at the top of the photo. She has a tiny wen. One member who saw a picture of Fern mentioned that she might be a veiltail and I was wondering if she could be.
  7. Hi guys, I just moved them! Fern is a little stressed but I think they will be okay. A whole tank pic http://s1353.beta.photobucket.com/user/Frenzy99/media/Fern%20and%20Numis/DSCN2237_zpsf2d83e7c.jpg.html A close up http://i1353.photobucket.com/albums/q665/Frenzy99/Fern%20and%20Numis/DSCN2238_zpsdc5c4ae8.jpg
  8. Awww! Poor little guy. It is great that you are saving him.
  9. These fish are amazing! I love this topic
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