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  1. My parents allowed me to get a tub tank!

    It was big enough to house two fish.

    First introducing Pippa!


    Pippa is a fantail but she has an odd tail. She is extremely friendly.

    Now introducing Prize!


    Prize is one of my dream fish. He is a black ribbontail fantail.

    I had to put him in a large measuring jug to take the photo because the tub tank is not very easy to take pictures of.

    I know he might lose his black colouring, but my fingers are crossed that he won't.

  2. I won 3rd prize in a raffle and won a betta tank, and when I went to pick it up I was given a lovely little betta to go in it, as well as some zebra danios.

    This is Cedric, this photo really does not show off his colours but it was the best one I could get so far.



    And if you look closely, you will see one of the zebra danios has an extra tail growing out of its side. It also has two dorsal fins, I think it has the tail and back of a conjoined twin on its side. It doesn't seem to worry it though.


  3. I love the orange and white one bc of his orange lips!! :yeah:

    Thank you :)

    very nice! I am sure they will enjoy their new big tank!

    Thank you, I am very happy that they have enough room

    How did I miss this? They look great, and so happy!!!!

    Thank you, they are quite happy about the move

    I'll take the white one off your hands. Very pretty.

    First you will have to get past the laser machines and my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel :P

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