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  1. He is STUNNING!!!!!!!!!! Those colours are so bright
  2. They are so cute! I think they will be very happy there
  3. @ Flipper: Thank you! It took me a while to choose them.
  4. They are gorgeous! Maybe you could put a tub tank near a window so you can siphon the water straight out instead of lifting buckets?
  5. Such a beautiful group! I especially love the white bubble eye.
  6. He is beautiful! Good on you for taking him in
  7. Thanks everyone! @Smegy Psiren: Thank you so much! It is so nice to know people missed me
  8. He is lovely! You must be so proud of him. 14 weeks old already
  9. Those are some pretty cool effects!
  10. He is so wiggly! Good job for taking him in He is lucky to have such a good home
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