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  1. Thank you so much!

    I understand what I am meant to do to get an avatar now!

    I will post pics as soon as I can but sadly I only know the water PH as that is the only thing I ever had a test kit for, but I do know that the tank was cycled shortly after Bu died. I tried to keep my PH at a 7.2

    P.S. I am really looking forward to getting a bigger tank this year! :clapping:

  2. Hi

    My first goldfish encounter was in the local pet store, not the LFS.

    When I was younger I walked in (the pet store only sold pet food, toys and had a little row of goldfish down the back.) so I curiously looked into the tanks and suddenly I saw the most lovely goldfish. :wub: I begged and begged my parents to get it, and finally, a year later they got me one of those 2 or so gallon starter tanks. We went back to the store and my goldfish was still there!

    He had very distictive colouring, so I knew. He was gold (not orange) with a bronzy/chocolatey back. A bit like a chocolate dipped caramel (he was a fantail by the way).

    I could not believe that he had been there for a year, but he was obviously stunted, being put into an even smaller tank and worst of all I didn't know about cycling. :oops:

    I called him Harvey.

    He died after two weeks and his friend, Moby died shortly afterwards. Moby looked similar to Harvey but with a tri tail and smaller. They were both male.

    A long time after that I went to an aquarium store to get some axolotals for that tank, but decided to take a quick peek at the fish first, well I went home with two more fish, and no, I still did not know how to cycle a tank. :(

    I chose Bu, a plain orange fantail and Frenzy, A silvery grey calico matte goldfish with a tri tail (one third was shrivelled and tiny and useless but it did not impeed him, in fact he swam like a comet) One corner of his mouth also pointed inwards, but he was a champion eater.

    They were a boy and girl pair. Frenzy was the male and Bu was the female and even though Bu was only 1.5 inches and Frenzy was nearing two, they swam everywhere together.

    When Bu was ill, Frenzy would hover as close to the bottom as he could next to her for hours, only moving when she moved and when she died he swam away.

    Frenzy survived the cycling but started to become depressed, so I got him another lady friend called Emily and a apple snail.

    He was so happy he went into a frenzy, it is basically like his happy dance. He swims around and shows off his speed, agility and his magnificent dorsal fin which he flicks up and down.

    He liked her, not as much as Bu but still a lot.

    Bu was a lovely oranda, very young so with not much wen though, just a tiny bit. She was a very chubby goldfish. She was just beautiful and was undergoing a colour change while I had her from orange and white to white and she had so many fins! She wasn't very smart though, she used to enjoy pressing her face into a corner of the tank, she had a blank look on her face when I looked at her.

    Frenzy and Emily died of a disease given to them by the snail.

    I will soon be getting more. In a bigger, cycled tank.

    Now for Qs

    Does anyone know what happened to Frenzy's mouth, it could be genetic or just an accidental but I want to know if anything else could cause it?

    I have a picture of Frenzy and Bu I want to use as my avatar but I don't know how to update it and it won't let me update my profile either, what do I do?

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