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  1. I saw a fish like that a little while ago but I didn't have a cycled tank.
  2. I noticed you were thinking of using sand, I heard it is bad because it can hurt them if it gets in their gills.
  3. I love it! The name is sweet! (Ha Ha)
  4. Can you really bring home fish from other countries? Wow, I hope you find some super cool goldies!
  5. Does Prometheus have a tri tail?
  6. @yaapp: Dojo Loaches are not freaky looking they are sweet.
  7. I your lovely ryukin. I now want one!
  8. The orange one looks like a fantail mix! Mixes are wonderful, they have great personalitys and are super cute! I your moor.
  9. Poor thing, I've had fish get stuck to the filter too.
  10. That fish is gorgeous! What a little sweetie.
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