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  1. Thank you, Amanda I chose Aqua Prazi over Prazipro because I've heard it has better results
  2. I agree. With nitrates reaching 80 ppm every week, it's a good idea to change your water at least twice a week. We don't want nitrate reaching levels high enough to harm/irritate your fish. I'm sorry for your loss, and I hope you find out the issue
  3. Thank you, Paige It's nice to see you too! I hope you are doing well
  4. I'm really really sorry that is very sad to hear:( Thank you again, Jess. It is very sad Cynthia has beautiful adult ranchus, and I was hoping mine would grow to be like hers (mine came from Cynthia).
  5. Ugh, my ranchu didn't make it So disappointing Looks like I'll be more cautious to future salt dips. And thank you Kacey and Lisa
  6. Salt dips have killed fish in the past, although very rarely. This is why we always make sure that people try a test run with 1% or even 0.5% first, as well as doing a thorough check of gills prior to salt dipping. I'm so sorry you lost one, and I hope the others will continue to be OK, Stratton. How are they acting now? Thanks, Alex. I assume that I am so used to successful dips at .3% and never looked at the procedure with more caution. Cary's fine, but my ranchu is still breathing fast and not moving much. I guess there's no need for a video. Just have to wait and see. Thank you, Tammy
  7. Hello everyone I'm going to try to explain everything in the proper manner. First off, I have unfortunately lost my pearlscale soon after a salt dip I did last night. Salt dips we done to all three fish, in the correct manner. The other two were fine until my ranchu started acting strange this morning. My ranchu is breathing rapidly, and is not moving much, just drifting around the tank. She's in the colinder right now, so she won't be pushed around by the current. Params are fine, and aqua prazi was added last night (reason for the salt dips), and Cary, my telescope, is doing just fine. I'm just having trouble distinguishing if this is the aftermath to the salt dip or reaction to aqua prazi. .1% salt was added as well. I have had a fish have similar reactions after a salt dip and survive, but since I have already lost one, I thought I should address this. I'll upload the video in a minute.
  8. Like Chelsea said, I would just get the fish and see how they do when/if they spawn.
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