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  1. Thank you, Amanda I chose Aqua Prazi over Prazipro because I've heard it has better results
  2. I agree. With nitrates reaching 80 ppm every week, it's a good idea to change your water at least twice a week. We don't want nitrate reaching levels high enough to harm/irritate your fish. I'm sorry for your loss, and I hope you find out the issue
  3. Thank you, Paige It's nice to see you too! I hope you are doing well
  4. I'm really really sorry that is very sad to hear:( Thank you again, Jess. It is very sad Cynthia has beautiful adult ranchus, and I was hoping mine would grow to be like hers (mine came from Cynthia).
  5. Ugh, my ranchu didn't make it So disappointing Looks like I'll be more cautious to future salt dips. And thank you Kacey and Lisa
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