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  1. I had nothing but problems last year with my first batches of wakin fry. This year I haven't lost one. Here is my experience, may not work for you but certainly did for me ! year 1-fed live brine shrimp year 2- microworms- waaaay easier year 1- heaters and carefully tested the water temp with each water change. year 2- no heaters and left a bucket of water in the same room overnight year 1- bare tank and lots of ammonia problems year 2- lots of java moss and java fern- ammonia always 0 year 2- started prazi at about a month- I have some outside in an extra pre formed pond and they grow much faster and have better color. Hard to sort for double tails though !
  2. sorry, no time for pics. Water parameters are fine. In a 10 gallon with a sponge filter and hob filter. Daily 20% + water changes.
  3. Help, my first born is having problems eating He/she is about an inch long and I hatched it from an egg. I've battled flukes for the last month and I think that's the cause of his mouth issues. One of his sibs died last week with the same problem. He can't open his mouth at all. Can I try to gently pry it back open or is it hopeless? Tank treated with prazipro on Monday.
  4. Looks like I'm allowed 10 if I read that correctly. It will probably be difficult to find a wholesale breeder that wants to be bothered with such a small number.
  5. I think Canada is a bit more lenient. . From what I read if you are importing them as pets all you have to do is fill in a sheet of paper with the exporters name and your address and bingo you're home free ! I didn't realize I needed export paperwork at the other end. I should have picked up some last year in Hong Kong when I went to the fish market. I don't think Beijing has the same kind of market so it may be tougher to find a supplier. I thought if I could get some nice fish at a dirt cheap price it might be worth the effort. Thanks for all the tips ! This forum is awesome
  6. Thats a great deal !! We have about 7 aquariums right now that we got for free on CL. Summer is the best time for deals,especially people that are moving and don't want to bother with their old filthy aquarium. You would be amazed at what people give away for free. You have to be quick though !
  7. I checked with the CFIA fellow that comes into my place of work ( wholesale plants). He checked with their vet and he said no paperwork required before Dec 2012 when the rules are changing. I'll check into it a bit more once I've found a breeder. That'll probably be the hardest part ! I googled the taxi goldfish farm and now know there are no shortages of cabs in Beijing Not so sure about goldfish though ! I know about the yellows in the US but am trying to avoid prohibitive shipping costs. Has anyone out there dealt with or bought goldfish from China before?
  8. I'm going to Beijing in November and am thinking of bringing home some goldfish. I'd like some wakins. Anybody have any ideas of where to get decent breeding stock? I currently have red/white and calico. I would like yellows and I've seen some pictures of tricolors I'd be interested in. Since I'm allowed 2 pieces of luggage and travel light I could dedicate one box to fish. I've checked with CFIA and paperwork shouldn't be an issue.
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