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  1. Ordering now! I found some on e-bay. Pooping has stopped, but we are now stuck at the top, and s/he doesn't seem to be able to get down, very easily. The duckweed will be on the surface, with the fish.
  2. Darn it. LOL. Well, it was worth a thought. And, s/he is still pooping. A lot. I put the heater in QT, too- it is a non-adjustable one that keeps the tank at 78, so hopefully that will help speed it along a little, as well. I'll also fast for a couple of days. This fish certainly doesn't need *more* food/poop in there. So far, there's a lot more actual activity in the 10 gallons, instead of the colander. Still wanting to flip upside down, but, from what I can see, not having lots of difficulty with different levels of buoyancy and can flip right side up for a bit. Mostly a belly up floater instead of a resting on bottom, belly up sinker, when taking a break, now.
  3. It's looking like we might actually have constipation going on. The diet has been peas and spinach for the past 3-4 days, and there is now a pretty long string of brown poop coming out- it should be bright green, if it were what I was feeding.**fingers crossed**
  4. I'll hold off on the MMs for a couple of days, to see what happens with the epsom salts. Continue with peas and spinach, or go ahead and give SG (I mix mine to be even a little more "liquid", with 1/4 c powder to a full c water)?
  5. Okie dokie. Thank you! I will try e-mailing him, again. The box wasn't heated, and wasn't even marked as fragile or containing a live animal. There is some damage to the outside of the box- so, IDK if this is an injury. Going to QT tonight. I'll do salt and epsom- I am also going to try a round of MMs, just to see if it will help. The fish is TEENY, so I don't think surgery would be an option. If it were- well, I hate to say it, but I already spent $70 on buying the fish. It would be nice f I would get a response- I don't want to have to do a paypal claim, but I also don't think I should just have to eat the cost of a sick/injured fish, that arrived to me that way. Would doing a little harness to see if we could reposition the swimbladder potentially work? I can get a bobber and the supplies. I'd like to try to save him, if possible. Thanks again for all of your help. Let me know if you'd like a video, after I get the cutie into QT.
  6. Thank you! I e-mailed when I received the fish, and he isn't responding. The tank is heated and kept at 75, since I have fat/compressed fish, and they seem to do better in the slightly warmer water. I just did another round of crushed peas and will see what we're looking at, in the morning. QT tomorrow afternoon, when I get home from work, if there's no change. Do you recommend adding salt for the eye irritation? No open sores, just a foggy spot (doesn't look like fungus or anything- it is where s/he rests on the bottom of the colander- s/he isn't floating, but laying belly up on the bottom. Still eating, still can swim a bit and begs for food).
  7. Feeding peas and spinach- still no change, as of yet. S/he seems to be getting a little irritation on the top of the eye that is on the bottom of the colander, as well. Should I still be hoping for recovery, after this many days without improvement? Thanks.
  8. Today's update- still no change. Laying on back on the bottom of the colander, and can swim up the curve of the sides to right itself- can maintain buoyancy upright in the middle for a bit, but will go back to resting belly up on the bottom of the colander and hang out there, shortly after. Spontaneous activity here and there, but not for long. Mostly active, when begging for food when I'm at the tank. Still waiting to see if Jeff responds. Starting some smooshy boiled spinach, today- will feed only very small quantities. Off to look for some duckweed. Thanks, guys!
  9. Hello, thanks for the reply. Yeah, s/he is in with the general population. Since Jeff is so amazing with his fish, I saw zero risk to adding anything nasty to my tank, with the addition. He's pretty great! I can definitely move to QT, if necessary. Hello, thank you! Yes, it is one of the tele babies from the tricolor momma. An adorable, fat, little chunk. My largest in the tank is also a super chunk tele, and he bobbles about like a fatty see-saw. His "wife", another super chunk tele, does the same thing, but she's more of a wiggler than a see-saw. Maybe we have siblings!?!? That would be fun. It is from the tricolor spawn that he has listed, currently- so, probably same momma, at least. I was more wondering if the fish could have gotten too cold and there could be a swimbladder issue triggered that way- or, if this could be a symptom of shipping, in general. I've never seen shipping shock. I didn't really think pathogen, or that he shipped the fish that way. I'm just concerned of the swimbladder deflating, and leaving me with a bottom sinker. I will see if I can get some duckweed- I know they sell it on Ebay, I'll look for an aquarium grown batch. HOPEFULLY, it will be rectified, before it gets here and they can all just have a nice snack. Would blanched spinach be a suitable alternative, in the meantime? Thanks Shakaho! I have spinach that I can boil to mush- I can also do peas or smashed, canned green beans- which would be preferred.
  10. Hello all- it's been a while. I got a cute new tele yesterday (about 1.25"), and s/he arrived laying belly up, in the bag (bottom resting, not surface floating). 28 hours later, there's been no change. The fish is alert and will look at me, when I come to the tank- tries to swim around, and can upright itself and swim off of the bottom, but doesn't stay upright, and takes a break upside down on the bottom of the colander again, shortly after. S/he is interested in food (SG), but I have withheld it, except for a tiny piece to see if an appetite was present. The fish was also pooping, this morning (normal color, not stringy, no crinkles). The shipping took 3 days, there wasn't a heat pack, and the box was insulated with crumpled brown paper- I'm not sure if s/he may have gotten too cold, or if that info is helpful. (I'm in Chicagoland- s/he didn't sit outside, after delivery. Someone got the mail immediately, when dropped off) I've e-mailed Jeff (Hiller- where I purchased the fish) to see if he has any recommendations, but have yet to hear back. I don't want to delay treatment, if it is necessary. Meds on hand= methylene blue, epsom salt, erythromycin, canning salt, MMs. Params= 0/0/20 W/C= 70% 2Xs / week- changed yesterday. 150 gallon, 2 sun sun 4 stage filters with UV, moderately planted (anacharis and giant hygro) stock= 11 goldfish largest is a fat demekin tele, about 4 inches, most of the rest are between 2-3" and growing + a handful of nerite snails. No recent illnesses- I had something hit that quickly took 3 fish several months ago (reason undetermined), but nothing since. I can upload a video later, if needed. Does shipping stress sometimes cause this, or is there possibly a swimbladder issue? Thanks so much!
  11. Aww- I'd take a pair for the 55 gallon I am about to start up, if you'd be willing to ship to Chicagoland. (I'd pay for shipping, of course!)
  12. It's REALLY difficult to say what color they will be, at this point. They haven't even gotten their fry colors, yet. The button eyes points toward that that little cutie is a shubie, though! As for the other cutie... could be white- could be gold- could be sarassa- could be another shubie. Time will tell! They sure are super adorable, though!
  13. I took in the little bristle baby from Sean/Acro who was missing a fin. He arrived yesterday, safe, well packed, healthy, and happy. This is my 3rd transaction with Sean, and every time it has been fantastic. He really goes above and beyond the call and I highly recommend him to anyone. Little Finnegan (bristle baby) is sure to make a wonderful addition to my community tank. Thanks again, Sean!
  14. Oh no! I'm sorry the 100 micron mesh was too small for the nursery! I didn't have time to test these things, before sharing the plans... since I have yet to need it, myself. My fish love eggs for breakfast, and I no longer have floating hornwort in the tank- I NEVER see any eggs. It sounds like you have everything worked out though. Your fry look great! With the exception for the 1 with the googly eyes, they didn't look at all skinny or malnourished, to me. I'm no expert, or anything, but they looked healthy and right on track, from my experience. Looking forward to seeing pics of the HUGE nursery pond and as they grow.
  15. UPDATE:Jack Jack is doing MUCH better, today! ALL blood spots, including the ones that were on his abdomen as well as any that were in his fins, are completely resolved. His activity is also better- no more bottom sitting, and seeming to be bored and/or pouty. He is up and about, swimming around, and back to his trick of making loud popping noises at the surface, whenever he sees me, to beg for food. LOL. I will get a video of him, tomorrow, and will continue with the full 2 week course of MMs, before returning him to his regular tank. THANKS GUYS!!!! (and Jack says "hello")
  16. Looks good! Ok, here's what I would do: #1) put the filter nursery so that it close to the side of the pond by where the filter return flow is coming back. Not so that the filter return is going INTO the nursery, but so that is close to where the water is being mixed the most. You won't see water exchange, and you don't really want a current in there, but with the bottom being permeable, and there being movement in the pond's water, it will be circulating in the filter a bit, too. #2) pack that sucker with as many floating plants as you can get to fit in there. It will do 3 things, for you. #1) provide shade, and help regulate the temp of the water in the nursery. #2) give your fry food and places to hide, in there. #3) the plants will filter the water, and you won't have to worry about parameter spikes and etc. #3) relax- the little guys are going to be just fine. You're welcome! Always glad to help out. Also, your pond is beautiful!
  17. My fish also behave this way while in QT. I think they are just bored with no plants, substrate, decorations or other fish to play with. Of course, too much bottom sitting can also be a sign of illness, and your fish is still recovering (albeit very quickly!).My new fish is almost done with his QT; I will be relieved to not have to do 100% water changes every day! He is fairly big and I get the cloudy water, too, in the QT tank. I don't think he likes it. Okie dokie, I will just make sure to go in the kitchen and give him a little extra attention, so he doesn't feel so alone. LOL. Yeah, he is eating just fine. He just seems bored, to me. Which is understandable. I'd be bored, too.
  18. Ok- today's update. He has 1 bloody spot left under one of his scales, but it seems like he has more dots in his fins. He has only been on the meds for 3 days, though, so I am hoping it is just that it is taking a little time for a 100% recovery. The fins aren't terrible, but there seems to be more bloody pin-pricks in them. No abscessing or sores. Activity-wise, he has been bottom sitting a bit, today. Not clamping his fins, or seeming to be in distress- just resting at the bottom, propped up my his pectoral/ventral fins, and looking around at everything that is going on in the room. He IS a relatively large fish who went from 150 gallons and a lot of fun decor to roam and explore, freely, into a 10 gallon tank with no decor to explore- could the resting toward the bottom and watching the room around him be because he is just bored, in there? You can walk into the room, stand by the tank, and see his little eyes turn to look right at you- if you stay there for more than like 15 seconds, he swims right over to say hello. He jumps on it, and becomes active as soon as he sees food go in, too. Water is still cloudy in the hosp. tank, due to bacterial bloom- still doing the 70-80% w/c every afternoon, plus a double dose of prime.
  19. The 12" filter/nursery would be big enough for all 30 of the babies for quite some time... especially when technically given the pond's full volume of water. I would think that if you covered the top of the nursery with duckweed, it would have enough microorganisms on its root system to feed the babies, for a few days. Maybe get a few more big water lettuce plants, from an established pond, to toss in, too? There will also be stuff growing and hatching in the water for them, that you can't see. Just keep i mind that not all of the babies are going to make it. Some get deformities, as they grow, and some just die, for what seems like no reason. Of the 30 or so fry that I hatched, I had 3 make it.
  20. Ok- here's today's update. The water is a little hazy. I think I've got a bit of a bacterial bloom going on, in there. I did seed the filter with a pinch f filter floss from the main tank, but he is an awfully big guy for that 10 gallon tank. Parameters aren't getting too out of hand, and I am doing 70% changes daily w/prime, to compensate. He is looking much better! A little dorsal crimping, when I took this, but the blood spots are almost gone.
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