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  1. Went to Petsmart & ended up walking around deciding on what size tank I was going to settle with. On the end of one of the aisles I see these 46 gallon marineland bow front tanks. There were only 2 of them, and they were on clearance. I snagged that bad boy for $169! Much more room than the tiny 27 gallon I was sort of eyeing up. The male half will build me a stand to my height requirements so I can easily access the tank. So step one done! Tank aquired. Not rushing this tank, which we did with our community tank and ended upgrading it 2 times, and redoing it completely 2 times in the last year! LOL
  2. I think today is the day I finally get my butt out and get my new tank. Also decided to go with a HOB filter (probably Aquaclear), and a Fluval canister. We have 2 Fluval's on our community tank, and one on our Oscar tank, and we love them. Not sure if I am going to just cycle it clean and fresh or add come bio media from our other established tanks. Any other HOB you can all suggest? We had an Aquaclear on our oscar's tank, and it went to crap rather fast. Willing to give it another shot though. Still don't know if I am going bare bottom or going with sand. Oh the choices!!! lol
  3. I am fully aware I am not going to be able to get my pond where I want it this summer. We started it much too late for fancy plants and such. But I'm really just concerned with figuring out what filtering system we want for sure. My boyfriend keeps changing his mind and it's driving me nuts We keep plugging along on our days off. Here is recent progress! We decided to go with landscaping timber, as it matches our patio area. We have 2 of the 4 side done so far. Went easy on the boyfriend, been working him hard lately! LOL Water lettuce! Pond plants are impossible to come by around me. So I found someone on Ebay who was selling 12 plants. He lives in my town, and delivered me a HUGE box of lettuce today. I purchased it last night! I'm going to try to winter some in my tanks inside come fall/winter. Awaiting 2 16oz cans of duckweed. I'll put some in the pond, and some in my tanks. I know it'll take over, but my fish love to eat anything green. Another shot of the lettuce & my solar fountain! Cheesy eh? I had to buy the fountain, it was like $21 at Harbor Freight. The goldies seem to be loving the lettuce. They are at the surface the most I have seen them since putting them in there. They have to be feeling much safer. We'll be adding an ledge to the top this upcoming set of days off. And finishing off the outside. Then working on the flower boxes, and a little step ledge on the outside.
  4. I think I am going to end up going to Petsmart tomorrow while the male half is at work. And if they have a 56 column in stock it might end up in my car! lol
  5. That's good to know! We insulted the walls before finishing them off. I'll also invest in a deicer later in the fall.
  6. There are some pictures of the progress thus far in the pond forum. I will add a few updated ones tonight! I'd have a 120g goldfish tank if i had the space, but I currently do not lol
  7. So I've always been an avid fish/aquarium girl. Currently we have a 75g tropical community, 55g Oscar tank, and now a 750g above ground pond. I had goldfish in the past, and loved them. The boyfriend isn't fond of goldies, so when I mentioned I wanted another tank, he wasn't pleased. Then again he wasn't keen on the Oscar when I purchased him, but now that's his fish son. Needless to say with the goldies out in the pond, I want a pair of fancy's inside. Browsing around here makes it hard to not run to the pet store and get all my things and start a tank cycling! I will be purchasing a pair of fancy's from Rain Garden when the time comes. I'll be getting probably a 30g column tank to take up the last remaining spot our our little cottage for a tank! LOL Eh I lie, I am sure we can find other places for tanks. I'll try to hold off until fall/winter as we have our hands full with the pond at the moment. Just had to share lol
  8. We are changing to black. Clear is what we had laying around and was handy!
  9. I am new here. Not really new to fish keeping. Haven't kept goldfish in awhile though. A few weeks ago I mentioned to my boyfriend I wanted a goldfish pond. That is all it took, he was all set and ready to build. I was picturing something small and subtle. He didn't have those ideas. We went out and got the woods and liner. We wanted an above ground as we are renting from my grandparents and they don't want us digging up their property. Plus when I mentioned it my grandmother was like "We have a pond." Yes we do, but not a GOLDFISH pond. It's just not the same. Here are some of the pictures. Still very much in progress. Filter building this weekend, and adding the finishing outside touches! There was a ton of building involved. Just the beginning here. We thought it was best to start this build the hottest day of the summer in the barn. We almost died. Taken this morning. Have the pump running. We got antsy and picked up a few comets & they are happy as could be for the time being. Also added some oxygenating plants and a few pots for hiding spots. Front view. It's an eyesore at the moment. the corners will have flower boxes after this weekend, and we'll be adding the outside wood and edging. Still fighting it out with the boy about what we want on the outside lol. The back recessed area will be a cabinet of sorts for filter equipment and such. This is up to change though. It looks like a hot mess at the moment, sorry for that. But I will post progress pictures as things shape up! Also if anyone has suggestions of online store to get pond plants that would be great. I want to get some floating plants. It's a little late in the season to start with anything fancy for flowering.
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