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  1. Oh OK, I didn't realize they were so old, never noticed the date. I guess I thought if I was reading them others were also. Maybe they could be locked after they get this old? I'll pay better attention, sorry
  2. Hi everyone, I am certainly no expert but when I read that a few people are keeping their goldfish and betta fish in the same tank I had to speak up. Goldfish and Betta fish need totally different environments to thrive, this includes water temperature. Betta are tropical fish and must be kept in water between 78-82 degrees F. The reason I mention this on this thread is because a Bettas digestive system will slow way down if kept in water cooler then 78F which can lead to digestive problems, swim bladder disease, bloating and other health problems. So it may not be your food, it could be your water temp.. Also, freeze dried foods should ALWAYS be soaked in a little water from the tank ( don't use water from the faucet unless you've declorinated it first). Freeze dried food has had all the moisture sucked out of it, so once it hits your Bettas belly, it will swell and cause problems.
  3. Wow, that's quite a change! My betta was completely opaque, at least thats what they called him at the store. You can see a pic of him under the thread Gandalf. Then a few weeks ago he got a bluish grey spot on his tail, then another one. Then a couple weeks ago he got red streaks on his bottom fin and what looked like a red "rash" on his head. I was devastated and in a panic because I was sure he had septicemia and was going to die! I was all over the web for hours trying to find the best way to treat him. I finally posted pics ( on another forum before I found this one) and they all said he was not sick ( he never acted sick either) and that it was him changing color and he was probably 'marbaling". That was the first time I'd ever heard of it. I didn't know they changed colors either. Now it will be interesting to see if it continues. I'm going to try to photo document it. It's fun but to be honest I really liked the color he was. Lol. But I still love him :-)
  4. Thanks so much! This was just after I got him, in April. I've since taken the two pieces of the plastic plant out. I've added a few more live plants, he seems to really enjoy them.. He's very curious and bores easily. Very friendly and not skittish at all, huge personality. He's not afraid of anything and I've never seen him flare even if I put a mirror up. If I put my hand in the tank to rearrage or move, clean, he's right there wanting to know what I'm doing. I've been working on teaching him to swim through a hoop. I've worked with him a couple mins last night and a few this morning and he's already got the hang of it! lol I'm going to try to get a video of him doing it soon and get it posted.
  5. 6.6 gallons, it's the one at petco called the "bookshelf" tank, it's 24" long, 8" front to back, 9" deep. I really like it.
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