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  1. You're right Kiara. His dorsal looks like the first one, and his tail a lot like the second, his is really round, not half moon round, but it has that oval shape of the second. Once the rest of his transparency clears up, he just has a round spot in the middle of his tail now, I'll take another picture of him, try to get him flaring.
  2. Gorgeous! I haven't seen fish with such pretty colors before! I love Clover!
  3. These fish. Are. GORGEOUS! What size tank do you have? I'd love to have goldfish someday as pretty as these. Their fins and colors are perfect!
  4. I was thinking he had some crown in there because of his doral fin. In the picture where he is face first, in the background you can see how he has those spines that the crowns have, but that, and one spot on his anal fin are the only places he has the rays like that. That's why I figured he was a mix of some kind.
  5. Just watch them, Fry got what I call Float a few times. I don't know if that is the word or not, but when he would be eating, he'd gulp air because he'd attack his food, and then he would get stuck floating at the top of the tank. He would swim as hard as he could to go down further, but get floated right back to the top. Each time this happened I just didn't feed him for a day or two, until he could swim better, after that I started taking more time and making his food sink for him. That helped a lot. He was my first baby betta so I learned a lot with him.
  6. I saved Fry from a likely death at petco when he was a few weeks old. This is how he started out: This is him now: Recently his tail started to go transparent. It wasn't fin rot or anything, but it has since gotten bigger, it's almost completely back to normal now, too. Fry is a grump and kills or tries to kill anything I put in the tank with him. Snails twice his size included. I'm going to try some Nerite snails because the mystery snail was a complete failure. I am thinking he is a mix between a crowntail and a delta, but he's super hard to get photos of when he's flairing, he turns into a fast moving ball of rage. I'm hoping that'll get better as he ages too. Hah.
  7. Okay! Awesome! I'll stop by petco tomorrow after school and see if they have them! I'll get two and if my betta is too mean I'll move them into the same tank. Hopefully they'll work out. My Betta, fry, his tank could really use some help with algea, I don't think scrubbing it off once a week is helping very much. Thank you for all your help!
  8. Are there Marine and Fresh Water Nerite snails? The website at petco says they carry them, but it says they are marine snails. Also is there any reason why my profile won't let me edit it? It says I don't have clearance or something.
  9. I do, it's on my way to and from school I do! I drive by it to and from school all the time, but their website doesn't say anything about having them, and I don't think I've seen snails at that location. Is it something special I should go in and just ask about?
  10. I need a very hardy snail for my tanks. I have had two young mystery snails die on me, and I heard they make a lot of waste and have a high mortality rate. That they also get huge. I fed them both algae wafers. I have one snail I don't know the name of. I call it a cone snail, it just has a cone shaped shell. It hitched a ride in with my ghost shrimp. A while ago it reproduced by itself but it seems the babies have either died or were eaten by now. Not so worried about my ten gallon because that little guy is in there always getting bigger. But. I have a 2.5 gal with a highly aggressive male betta in there. My second mystery snail was for that tank and he literally badgered the poor thing to the point where he was terrified all of the time. Even when I changed his tank. He lived two weeks after that. The pet stores I have near me only sell mystery, but I have seen cones and rams horns there for free because they are a neusance. Is there anywhere online I can buy snails? What kind of snails are best? Both tanks are tropical, and both have live plants. A beautiful anubias in the 2.5 gal and 4 amazon swords in the 10. Thanks for any help!
  11. Goodness he is beautiful! I'd love to get a pink betta some day.
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