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  1. Nonono, the fish in the tiny tank weren't murdered by the filter. They did a ton better than the goldfish I placed directly into the 10 gallons (those goldfish did not live in a tiny tank) D:
  2. I think it's the filters that have been killing my goldfish. Only goldfish seem to get caught in the Cascade 80 filter thing. The only goldfish that didn't get caught in it are the ones I had kept in the itty bitty tank, that I had transferred into 10 gallon tanks.
  3. No one said you shouldn't get fish from those places. It's advised that you scope out those stores though, to see if their fish are in good condition, or treated poorly.
  4. I thought you weren't supposed to completely remove the bully/victim from the tank unless it's injured. That's rewarding the bully in some ways, and can cause the victim to experience new tank syndrome when they're reintroduced into the tank (the committee of fish may bully the victim when it's introduced). Wouldn't separating them in some sort of tank attachment be the best? Like, I'm not sure what to call it, I'm thinking breeder, but not sure. Where a smaller tank/net thing is attached to the inside wall of the actual tank, and you can place the fish there. It allows the bully and the victim to be in the same waters, but the bully left unable to act out any aggression. If the bully starts to attack other fish, though, that fish may be a problem to your tank.
  5. I don't think that the horror story/obituary subtopics would bode with this thread, so I'll post it in general discussion, since I see a lot of Yahoo! Answer questions popping up about this. What is it with goldfish dying in filters? I've experienced this five times now, one of those times happening today with a recently won goldfish (his friend and my black angelfish looked soooo worried, swimming around the slagging filter). The other four times were with goldfish won at a fair a few months ago, and they all died at the filter. :U The only goldfish that didn't die by the malice of a filter were the two goldfish that I won at the fair a year ago and had kept in a tiny tank (God only knows how they survived, but I did change the water once a week :Y and then I oh so regretfully flushed them down the toilet because I thought they would produce too much ammonia for my new fish in the new 10 gallon tank . I regret it so much, because I never realized how much I loved them until after I did it. D:>They were such amazing plain jane goldfish, too. The normal, not mutated or fancy kind. Ehem, back to the topic). I really hope this other goldfish doesn't die from the filter, either. Otherwise, I may just have to go back to the horrible but 'somewhat effective' itty bitty carry tank where they live in there for a year until they're big enough to go into a big boy tank. I miss my babies. ;3; But seriously, no other fish has died from the filter, that's not a goldfish. Anyone else have this problem with goldfish and filters? -- On an unrelated note, I'm noticing this funky weird near-translucent white stuff covering my ornament/gravel-less tank. It almost looks like the stuff you see with near-stagnant water, but it's covering the walls and floor of my tank, and some floating in the water. It moves easily when I scrub it with a regular loofah/sponge/whatever, but I'm curious to what it is.
  6. Ew, ew, EW, that's horrifying. It's a good thing I don't do the shopping, and my parents dispose of paper bags (if they happen to get them) minutes after they unload stuff. I don't know how this one found its way into my room. I don't drop any food, and the place I rarely eat at is not close to where I found it. It was camping out in the cleaner next to my two 10 gallon tanks, dead. Sussspiciousss.
  7. IS THERE NO PLACE WHERE BUGS CANNOT INTRUDE?!? You cannot escape Slenderman. Even if there is a brick wall in the way.
  8. Oh god, you're bringing fear into me. Like, Slenderman fear over here. I don't know how to get rid of one. This one was dead. It's pretty small. D: This is its size compared to a 50ft pipe Gravel Cleaner. I can't remember the name of the actual brand...
  9. Thanks, shark. Insert more gagging here as I go to remove it. D:
  10. I'm can't tell you how long I've been dry heaving when I found this horrible monster in an old gravel cleaner today. Oh my fragging god, you can see its eyes. Can fish (more specifically goldfish and angelfish (if it's too large for just goldfish [then I'll have to cut it up oh god])) eat this? Is it safe? I don't want my goldfish to die knowing this alien killed them. ): And what IS it? Also, the coincidence of my captcha I had to type in during uploading:
  11. That's such an awesome idea. C: Now if only we could figure out how to make pipes fish can travel through like this.
  12. If you QT the plants, will you have to move them to a separate tank until they've been completely QTed? A stupid question, but ehh! The concept sounds different to me than when I QT fish. When you clean the top off, do you mean just suck the stuff off that's only laying at the top, and not in between? I'm a bit confused at the wording there.
  13. Eek, sorry about that. 3: I originally put it there because of that goldfish thing. I have another question. Do you always have to clean plants for insects when you first receive them (from shipping)? If the person strips them of insects beforehand (if there are any)? Thank you for the advice!
  14. How would you suggest I add everything in later? I thought about that, and I couldn't really see any way to add them in without making the water murky as slag. Thank you for the other advice, though! Wow! I have a zebra danio and a neon with adult angelfish, and they haven't been eaten yet. But then again, that danio and neon were outcasts from their groups. . . I'm planning to get 4-5 more angelfish for the hierarchy. With that in mind, do you think I should introduce more or less numbers of smaller fish to the tank? I'm fine with keeping the angelfish completely separated from the other types of fish, but in case they can deal with others.. c: Thanks!
  15. Okay guys, it's official. We're getting an 75 gallon tank for $80 today! :DDDD I'll have extra money left over for extra supplies, and I'd really like your advice on what else I should get while I'm there. Before I begin, I'd like to note that yes, there are probably hundreds of threads already on this type of stuff, but I'm very nervous about what I should be getting, for this is my first tank above 30 gallons, and will probably be the only tank I have over 55 gallons (unless I grab my aunt's tank as well, which is 55 gallons at $100 (a real steal XD)). My questions will probably jump all over the place. Ooh, I'd also like to say that, while at Pehtshmart (not the place I'm getting the tank from), I saw that their fish were amazing. I mean, I didn't appreciate that they had koi in the small tanks, but it was much better than Wally-world. Wally's looked okay, but their water was filled with a lot of, either food, or feces, just floating around. Their fish looked okay, but I did see ammonia burns on one of the large fish. I also witnessed feeding time. xD It was pretty interesting. In one or two hours, we'll be heading back to the shop to get it. This tank would be for a group of angelfish to establish a 'pecking hierarchy'. My first question is: would I be able to place a black moor goldfish in with the angelfish? Or should I leave it in its own separate tank? My second question is: Will any other type of fish work with angelfish in a large tank? I'd really like my tank to be planted to make the fish happy. This will be my first planted tank. I read that angelfish like plants such as Amazon Sword Plants, Java Moss, Water Sprite, and Java Fern; I'm not planning on having them as breeding fish. Would you all have any tips on which types of plants I should start out with as a beginning aqua-plant farmer? xD Should I use sand or gravel for this? What types should I look out for when shopping in the future? Price has no meaning in this. My father doesn't want me to raise the water bill too high with this tank. If I do use gravel, should I invest in an underwater gravel cleaner? If so, does anyone have tips on how to use it? Should I water change that big of a tank? If I use sand, how will I clean it? I also had a few questions on cycling. I'd prefer a fishless cycle, and have read up on some ways to do that (provided by the amazing users on Koko's Goldfish). I am not very sure how to implement plants and cycling at the same time. Should I add the gravel/sand in first, and then water? Should the water be already cycled? Should I add the plants in before the water has cycled? If the plants are in there, would there be a cycle at all? Could you guys give me any tips on what materials are required for plants like the ones listed above? How many filters do you believe I should have with this tank? I’m sorry for all these questions. I’m very uncertain with how to approach this, as this is my first live plant tank, and I want to make the best of my investments and time. Some of the questions may seem repetitive, and I apologize as well. I’m so scared everything’s going to go wrong because of one tiny thing I forgot. @_@
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