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  1. Awesome, thanks to all for clarifying! One last quick question, as long as the containers are food grade should they be ok to put plants in?
  2. I was looking into some beginner plants on Planted Aquariums Central. I am getting my little oranda soon and I have read about them shredding up moss balls and such. I've had my moss ball for awhile and I'd really like to make sure it doesn't get nommed on. So I've been checking on alternative aquarium plants. So far I've looked into Baby tears and anubias, is it possible to keep baby tears in pots? I know they usually are used as mats and floor cover.
  3. Does anyone know of a fairly inexpensive substrate that doesn't come in bulk? I'm just starting to look into planting my tank and I don't exactly want to spend a lot on a ton of substrate on a college budget when I probably won't use that much. Also has anyone tried to pot their plants in small glass containers and done so with success?
  4. Normally I think they only allow up to 10, but I work as an RA so I can get by with 20 and they probably wouldn't say anything. Thanks for all your help!
  5. Hi and yay my message went through! The tank is small for now around 10 gallons, I plan to upgrade when I get to school. It's what we have on hand and since I'll only have him for a week or so before I leave, my parents refuse to move something larger with limited car space and such. My filter says it's for 25L there's no label for GPH or anything. It's currently empty but it's meant for carbon cartridges. I am headed to the store tonight to look into filter media.
  6. I have a month or so before I move back down to SoCal for school, and my friend has asked me to take one of his 2.5 inch orandas as he's got too many in his tank. His water quality isn't super great and since I haven't had fish in years, I just have an empty tank and an unused filter and air pump. I'm pretty sure that he doesn't even cycle his tank and I really would hate to take a fish only to kill it by my lack of experience. Should I just hold off on starting a cycle since I will be getting the fish a week before I'm heading down to school? I know it takes a while to get a proper cycle going in your tank. Please Advise
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