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  1. The most econimical way to buy Repashy, with a reasonable expectation of using it all prior to expiration, is a 16 oz bag. THe 5.3 ounce jar is very expensive per ounce compared to foil bags. On my website, a 16 oz bag of Soilent Green costs $27 (+ $6 shiping in USA). I do not sell the 5.3 oz jars because they do not fit in envelopes well, but if they did the cost is almost as high as an 8oz bag. Repashy will last for 18 - 24 months in its foil bag, opened and resealed, at standard room temperatures. You can keep it cooler and extend that shelf life. If you mix up one ounce of dry powder each week (about 6-8 ounces of finished gel, depending upon the ratio of food to water you use), a 16oz bag would last 16 weeks... probably longer, because for two fish 6 oz of food is a week seems like a lot to me. A 64 oz bag woudl last a year or more, but still within the shelf life of the food.
  2. Let's talk about protein.... All foods have protein, even vegetable foods. When you read a label and look at the % of protein, a spirulina or other 'green' food can have just as high a protein level as a meaty food. Different proteins are digested differently, and animals have digestive systems designed for the types of proteins they specialize in. Plant proteins are hard to access, because they are locked up inside hard to digest cellulose... HOWEVER, processed fish foods (including Repashy) have isolated the plant protein to make it easier to digest. Herbivore fishes have long digestive tracts to accommodate the longet time needed to digest plant foods. Animal proteins take less time to digest, so carnivore fishes have shorter digestive tracts. Feeding a carnivore a plant protein is usually ineffective, because the food passes through the gut too quickly for the fish to get the nutrition from it. Omnivores take the middle road. Goldfish fall into this category. They are not really obligate herbivores, though they can thrive on vegetable diets. However, a fish-meat protein diet may not be the best choice, since the wild progeners of goldfish are more inclined to eat invertebrates as animal food sources than other fish. Crustaceans, worms, insects, molluscs and their eggs are more important sources of animal protein than fish meal. For that reason, if you are looking to add animal protein to your goldfish's diet to induce faster growth (not always the best goal... optimal growth may be slow and steady), I suggest stikingto Soilent Green (which has a decent compliment of invertebrate protein included), community plus or spawn & grow. S&G is a good supplemental diet that provides a high level of fatty acids that are not available in other commercial foods.
  3. Great videos! Has definitely convinced me. Do you think you'll be able to post to the UK?? I have sent food to the UK without problems. There are two schools of thought... order small quantities that are cheaper to ship, or maximize the shipping value with a large Golbal Priority box (about $60 USD to ship), into which I can put a LOT of food. For people doing the latter, I have been offering a discount on the food to help offset the cost of the shipping.
  4. If you are using a food for baby fish, I suggest Repashy Spawn & Grow. It has a protein : fatty acid ration better suited or the needs of fry. It is also an excellent choice fo conditioning breeders to spawn. The protein : fatty acid ratio is also very similar to what is provided in insects, so naturally insectivorous fishes like killies and some livebearers can benefit from S&G as a staple diet.
  5. REpashy is very easy to make. Videos here: www.tedsfishroom.com/repashy
  6. If you are feeding Repashy, you can also dose the Prazi directly into the food. If you are using concentrated praziquantel powder, use 1/4 tsp in 1/4 cup of dry food powder, mix the powders well and then make the gel food as normal. If you are using liquid PraziPro, use the dosage for 10 gallons. If you are using the cold water method for making the gel food, just mix in the PraziPro when you mix in the cold water to the food powder. If you are using the boiling water method, add the boiling water to the gel mix start stirring and then add in the medication as you stir. You can does Repashy food with other medications as well. I have use metronidazole and some antibiotics. Antibiotics, however, are heat sensitive, so you need to use the boiling water method, stir the mix for about 30 seconds (until it starts to get thick), and then stir in the antibiotic. This lets it cool just enough to no destroy the drug.
  7. I have some little plastic soccer goals that were used as decoration on a cake. I want to make a video of a group of red cap orandas and a group of blue orandas pushing a sprout around and title it 'Man U vs. Chelsea'
  8. I started the inventory reduction sale... Meat Pie, Shrimp Souffle, Comminuty Plus and Soilent Green. 10% off 8oz ($16.20) and 32 oz. ($36.00). Only have two 32 oz bags of each on hand. Maybe 4-6 of the 8 oz bags of each. SAles ends when the food is sold.
  9. I blanch the sprouts in a microwave so that they are soft. You can also freeze them. When they thaw the leaves will be soft (I assume that the water content of the cells expands when the leaf freezes and ruptured the cell walls). I will carry all of the sizes of all the Repashy Superfoods, plus the color enhancer SuperPig in smaller packages (this is an excellent way to boost the red pigments in fish... just mix a little in with the Repashy Superfood of your choice while both powders are dry, them make the gel as normal). I will get the first SuperPig shipment early next week. The sizes that will be available after the discontinued items are sold out will be 4oz, 16oz and 64oz. The price point between 8oz and 16oz is so low that anyone looking at 8oz usually chooses to pay a little more 16oz. Same with the 32oz size. 32oz = $45, while a 64oz=$60. That is only $15 more for another 32oz....
  10. I tried gel foods with Mazuri when it first appeared on the market, but the gelatin content turned me off on it. One of the things I like best about Repashy is that 100% of the proteins (plant and animal) are digestible and nutritional. Gelatin is a protein, but it is nutritional... just a filler, and often hard to digest. I have not fed it to goldfish, but I would suspect that any fish with as long a gut as a goldfish woud struggle with too much indegestible protein. To everyone here who have purchased their Repashy from me... Thanks! I am glad to hear that the gold fish are loving it. I work at a store where we are startingto bring in more larger fancy goldfish (the blue orandas we got last week.... wow!). They take to the Repashy first feeding. But I have to admit that I have a lot of fun feeding a tank of ryukins a brussel sprout and then cheering on the soccer game... FYI... all 2oz packs of Repashy will be discontinued in December. That is an introductory size for new products that Repashy sells for one year. So if you are on the fence about trying it, the 2oz sample size will not be around for ever. THe 8 oz and 32 oz of all varieties are also being discontinued... I am going to put a sale up on those sizes next week: www.tedsfishroom.com/repashy
  11. Golf ball sink, as demonstrated by the round I played this afternoon! They are also too smooth to be a good object to stich Repashy gel food to. The best surfaces to stick gel food to are very rough, and even then the food will eventually flake off.
  12. Unfortunately, no... Allen Repashy produces a 2oz pack as an option to try the food out without making a huge investment. I asked about 1 oz packs, but (as Allen points out), the cost of shipping is the same for either size, and the cost of packaging is the same so the difference between the cost of the two different sizes would be minimal.
  13. Hello! Thank you for the referral! I will mail the food internationally, but there are a few things to take into account. Australia has already stopped a shipment from reaching the customer and destroyed the food. Due to the EU restrictions on animal proteins in animal feed, Repashy Superfoods for fish have not been imported commercially into Europe yet. I have been able to send packages in the mail, as personal gifts, and I have also carried bags through customs in Germany. But I cannto guarantee that a shipment will get through to you. Shipping overseas varies, but in general the best deals are at the lower and higher ends of total amount ordered. For example, I can ship six 2 oz bags (one of each flavor) for about $17 to Europe, because they will fit into a Global Priority flat rate envelope. I can ship up to three of the biggest bags (64 oz) plus a couple 16oz or 8 oz bags into a large Global Priority flat rate box for about $60. In amounts in between the shipping is actually pretty high for the amount you get. I have been telling customers in Europe to go small and cheap to try the food (and to test that it will get to them) before ordering the big bags ust to save money per ounce of food.
  14. Hello Everyone.... I was pointed to this forum by Allen Repashy in order to respond to questions about the gel foods. I ma glad to see that there are already some members using it. If you have any questions or concerns about the Repashy Superfoods, I will do my best to answer them. Thanks! Ted Judy www.tedsfishroom.com
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