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  1. I have to ask a salt questions please: I used to use API aquarium salt, which comes in the form of "full", un-ground granules. For that, I know the measurement is 1 teaspoon per gallon to achieve 0.1% and so on... Another form of aquarium salt I found is fully ground ie: fine like table salt. What is the measurement (table or teaspoon count) for fully ground salt to achieve 0.1%? thanks.
  2. Thanks - appreciate that more is better, but I live in Canada and with winter, tap water is extremely cold so temperature matching is very difficult. I don't like to use hot tap water and instead use boiling water to match as best I can. With 30-50% this is doable, but anything greater and it is quite tough. Summers are of course easier and I usually do more.
  3. amoonklein - once fully cycled, how many fish will you hold? thanks
  4. I change weekly 30-40% with the current set up. Prime, temp matching.... all the good stuff. I realize I could do more, but this routine has worked for me for quite some time so I am hesitant to change it. If I do add another fish, I will up the %. I have an air pump and will try set up this weekend, but seems to me like all is well as of now. thanks.
  5. Appreciate the comments - what is the view on adding another guy for 4 total in the 65G?
  6. Thanks amoonklein - how many fish do you have and what is your filtration and wc schedule?
  7. Also wondering if I need an airstone...I get some good surface movement from my filters already. My water is usually anywhere between 75-80F as an fyi based on where room temp is.
  8. Thanks blokes. All comments welcome. I am considering adding just one more. So 4 total in 65G. I have quite good filtration and try to never miss a wc. Cheers
  9. Hi - please check out a new video of my 65 gallon. 2 oranda and a ryukin. Running an eheim 2217, Marineland c220 and fluval U4. Please comment. cheers
  10. ok, will try fix tonight. The media would have been sitting dry all day, so I have likely lost the good bacteria, but will see what happens. thanks for the help guys.
  11. Hi everyone, so I noticed a minor leak in my eheim 2217 canister last night and made the decision to remove the canister until I could fix the leak. This was so that I could sleep properly. Anyways, I will likely not have time to fix the issue for a couple of weeks. In the aquarium (65 gallons, 5 fancies), I still have a marineland c220 canister which has awful water flow and an internal fluval u4 which are both well established. The eheim 2217 holds the most media and has been in the tank since day 1 (the other 2 filters were subsequently added). Of course my concern is a cycle crash. I was fully cycled and had great metrics. 0 ammonia and nitrite and sub-20 nitrate. Any ways I can alleviate the risk of a crash until I can "reinstall" the eheim? Also, the current media in the eheim will sit dry, so I assume all the good bacteria creation gets destroyed...? This is a terrible situation as things were going well, but what can you do?? Any advice would be much appreciated. thanks in advance!
  12. That'll be tough unfortunately. Blackberry camera...will be impossible to see anything. I am confident that I am looking at ick.
  13. Hi Helen, Ammonia is always at or slightly above 0 based on colour of test, nitrites 0, nitrates <20 Temp is consistently btwn 75 and 78. I have 5 fancies in a 65g. please advise. J
  14. Hi everyone, think I might be up against some ick. Should I QT just the one guy who looks affected right now with salt? Or salt the whole tank? My beauty little ryukin...my luck.... thanks as always, J
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