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  1. i would just sit there and watch the fishes all day
  2. its called a breathing tube it happens when you turn on the light some times
  3. i used to use nutrafin colour enhancing pellets they work well the fish loved them too
  4. here in AU, if you ask an LPS for a python, you are escorted to the reptile department.. :rofl :rofl :rofl2
  5. omg i thought you were meaning like snake python and i thought you were mad lol
  6. in otherwords they will keep growing until they die
  7. omg great rescue i just want to go there and jump in that snow its so hot here were having drought
  8. you cant go wrong with a eheim whether it be a hang on internal or canister they're all amazing and dead silent and do an amazing job
  9. yay im going to Vietnam less stress + more sleep = ace school work lol Hate to break your fantasy pal, but Vietnam is far from less stress. The air is polluted, there's traffic everywhere, trash, and lots of people. And this is from someone who's grew up there. But if you go to places away from the city scene, then you'll find it very beautiful, especially the beaches. Let me know where you're visiting and I'll give you advice. About your fish, I'm sorry you're leaving the goldfish keeping hobby, but at least we'll still see you around. Can't wait to see your trip photos and the nano tank. we arent going in the cities i dont think were going to some place called halong islands or somthing
  10. theyre in her pond now they happy as can be
  11. im giving leonard and rue to my neighbor miss banister she has a pond a huge one with two other goldfish in it they will get very big in it
  12. yay im going to Vietnam less stress + more sleep = ace school work lol There is a bit of stress. Random locals trying to steal your things I had someone steal a dollar from me there. and my laptop. they have some time trying to steal from a person thats 3 belts away from black belt
  13. yay im going to Vietnam less stress + more sleep = ace school work lol
  14. thanks oh i will still be watching your vids im subscribed and addicted to your goldfish lol
  15. scrubbing lightly with a old tooth brush works everytime
  16. but i will be still sticking around im not leaving the forum i never will lol i cant to many nice people
  17. well as the title states im leaving goldfish keeping its too stress full and expensive i barely get time to enjoy my fish and i cant use decor due to parameter issues so im saving up for my trip to Vietnam with my school for a feild trip next year and when i get back any money i have left im changing into new zealand money and buying my self a small nano tank it will be a planted tank with a betta and neon tetras and that's all fingers crossed im still looking for a person to sell Leonard and rue to advertising on trade me and buy n sell new Plymouth if anyone's interested
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