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  1. @shakaho : Yeah. It'll have more gravel in it than sand, there isn't much gravel in their tank, there are alot of open spaces where you can see the bottomof the fish tank so i just figured I could use the sand to cover that up. so it really won't be alot of sand, just so the bottom of the tank is covered.. And I know the tank is small.. But its really the only one i was allowed to buy for the moment (parents don't like to spend much money )and the only one I have space for in my room..But It is a big upgrade from the tank they were kept in before, a 16 litre =/ yeah.. And for how I clean the tank: I have a bucket that I put half of the tank water into plus the fish obviously.. Pour the rest out, take the gravel out and as I said before clean it thouroughly in hot water.. clean the tank in hot water and a cloth just to get rid of the food stuck to the sides and to just make the glass look cleaner, don't worry I know not to use soap, then rinse it out with cold water. Then fill it up with half fresh water, put in the stuff that kills the chlorine and other things in the water, let it stand for half a day with the filter on then put the fish back in with the original water.. I was told to clean the tank that way when I first got them. Uhm..as for filter it's one of those very basic ones, you can take everything apart and clean it, like the blade, filter sponge, the whole thing actually..there's nothing you can't actually clean on it lol. Actually..Here's a picture of the tank: Again.. I know it's small for two but it's an improvement. http://www.flickr.com/photos/92698688@N02/ See.. There are empty spaces so I just thought the sand would make a nice filler for it
  2. Lol oh.. no but when I clean their tank.. I take the gravel/stones out and I sort of sieve them through the fish net then put them in a large fish bowl and i use hot water to clean them and I stir the water while it constantly over flows so the old water gets flooded out and new water pours in if that makes any sense
  3. But the Zen Garden sand is more for what I really wanna know about lol.. otherwise i have no other use for it and I'll have to throw it away.
  4. Lol thanks Thunder xD Well..I don't have a siphon hose =/ uhm.. But i'm sure I can find an alternative on how to clean the sand ^_^
  5. Hmm.. well I'm not too entirely sure what other info I could give about the sand o.O only that its very fine, like almost powdery and soft lol. Would beach sand be okay? If I wash it a few times to get the salt out of it and everything.
  6. Hello! =) I was just wondering.. I have that very fine white sand from one of those Zen Garden sand box things. and it hasn't been used in ages. The sand just sits in it's little ziplock bag. So I want to know if I could use that sand in my goldfish tank to mix with their gravel stones?? Will it be okay to use it or should I just leave their tank as it is with their gravel? And if I could use it, do I just clean it along with the gravel like I normally do? (just empty it out of the tank and swirl it around in another bowl while the water overflows so new water is always there to clean the stones) Info : I have one orange Lion Head and one Black Moore..although the black moore is actually changing to more of a white colour with a faint hint of gold/bronze/orange..The fins are slowly changing white too and the white is more than half way up his body aswell. I think that's mainly because their tank isn't really anywhere near direct sunlight.. read that up somewhere too. I have a 52 litre tank.. I just bought it a week or two ago.. It's all I could afford at the moment so I hope that size is fine for them.. BUT ANYWAY Back to the sand matter. Is it possible to use than zen garden sand?? I think it'd look pretty epic cause it's white sand which will go nicely with their black and pink gravel. Any advice would be greatly appreciated =)
  7. Test Results for the Following: * Ammonia Level - I dunno =( I don't have the test kit for any of these...I'm sorry.. * Nitrite Level - X * Nitrate level - X * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) - X * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) - X Other Required Info: * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? - X * Water temperature? - I'm not sure here either..It's winter here and my room gets colder than out side which is usually around 16C..so the water temp in the tank is around 14-18? I dont have a heater for them yet..I use a regular heater that I put next to the tank for the time being.... * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? - We don't really use gallons here so I'm not sure but it is 16 Litres (L = 30 cm. B = 23cm H = 23.5 cm) I got it about two months ago * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? - Name - Elite. Very basic filter. Around 3 - 4 inches. * How often do you change the water and how much? - Once a week. 25% water change. (keep 25% of the old water and the rest is new water) * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? - Monday. Water change = The same answer as above in ()'s * How many fish in the tank and their size? - 3 - A black moor - 2"s head to tip of the tail. 2 lionheads. one is bigger, about 2- 3.5 "s and the other smaller is 2.5"s (BTW the smaller lionhead, he doesnt look too happy I noticed just today, he sits at the bottom of the tank by a little cave thing, his fins aren't clamped or down at all, he looks fine and still eats like a pig at feeding time etc but he just sits there now and occasionally swims around with the others or when i show up infront of him =/...) * What kind of water additives or conditioners? - It's a blue liquid in a yellow bottle that kills chorine and harmful metals etc. I can't remember the brand right now because i'm not near my room or the tank.. * What do you feed your fish and how often? - Regular goldfish flakes once a day. Just about a teaspoon. * Any new fish added to the tank? - The two lionheads I bought last friday. I had the black moor two weeks before them. * Any medications added to the tank? - Yes. I went to the pet store and told the girl there the problem as well that the lionheads have white spot and she gave me a bottle called ANTI ICK, It's a blue concentrated liquid in a yellow bottle (not the same liquid as in the previous question above. ) .. she said the white spot was caused by the cold. Please let me know if she is right and if you could tell me any other information, it would really be appreciated. * List previous issues experienced (dropsy, SBD, etc.) - Well I had a fantail (Kiyoko )at the beginning of the year, she was in just a regular bowl not a tank and it didnt have a filter or anything cuz she was my first fish..she was actually perfectly find and i had her for 5 months. then i decided to get her a friend and i got another fantail from the same petstore and tank that i got her from, and i got the 16 litre tank a few days later and put them in it. I noticed when i brought the new one back he had like a bug thing on his tail, like a disc shaped green thing, i took it off immediately..Suddenly Kiyoko got like a white smooth/velvety fungus on her body next to her dorsal fin and spread around that area..her fins were clamped and she wouldnt swim, just sat in a cave all day..so did the other fish who looked perfectly fine, he kept nipping Kiyoko where the fungus was and soon he just sat next to her in the cave for like a week or two, still looking healthy..then he wouldnt eat and didnt swim and just let the water float him around and a few hours later he died. Kiyoko then got fin rot, I bought some stuff called STOP FUNGUS that is meant to stop fungus andfin rot..didnt work and the fin rot got worse and worse..eventually I just put her out of her misery cuz her dorsal fin was completely gone and her tail was going too..so I did the best thing.. Then.. 3 days later after cleaning everything in the tank I got the black moor, 2 of them, the smaller one was too stressed out and wouldnt swim or eat, he just floated from day one..and then died.. the other black moor is perfectly fine still.. then now as you know i got the two lionheads.. * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. - well know that i found the two lionheads have whitespot, I put in a table spoon of course salt on Sunday. and on Monday I bought that ANTI ICH medication. It says I put put it in the water everyday until the whitespot is gone. I put in 3ml of it because the dosage says a capful (25ml )for every 60 litres so i worked it out for my tank.. * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? - there isnt anything on my black moor, he is just changing colour i noticed, like silver scales here and there. or atleast that's what the girl inthe pet store told me. But on the lion heads..ok, the bigger one, he's orange all over he has two little whitespots close together on the lumpy bubble on his head, they looked cottony almost and a little stand was trailing behind, the i noticed one like it,very small on the bottom of his tailfin, and one spot that looks like a grain of salt on his dorsal fin. Pretty much the exact same thing for my other lionhead, although the white cottony spots on his lumpy bubble thing on his head has two on either side. Bloody streaks? uhm..well the smaller lionhead is white with a red bubble lump..i dunno if it's just natural cuz he's white and his fins are transparent but on his tail fins from the base to top on the sides have like red streaks? is that just like his veins or is it something to be concerned about?? * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? - LikeI said before, the white lionhead sits at the bottom by the cave now, he eats perfectly fine..I only noticed this today so i can't really give a full analysis of his behaviour as yet.. As for the pictues..it's a little difficult without the fish being blurred cuz well..they swim =/..and the water is a little greenish because of the treatment..but i will try to take some pics ASAP.. But I hope the rest of the info is enough for anyone who can help me with this or give me any other helpfuol info about Goldfish diseases and advice for it...? =)..Sorry about not knowing the ammonia and nitrate levels etc.. My parents aren't actually very happy that I keep fish because they say buying stuff for them is too expensive..but i will try to geet test kits and a heater for my fish..also i have a siamse fighter in a separate bowl, he's fine though. =)
  8. Hi =) This is my first post. I'm pretty new to owning fish and stuff. I had a fantail goldfish (named Kiyoko) for about 5 months at the beginning of the year..kept it in a bowl.. it died after a new fish gave it fin rot and fungus.. But anyway. I now have a 16litre tank. I have a black moor. I had another but it died of stress and wouldnt eat. BUT> Now I have recently bought two new fish, lionheads, 2 days ago. And I've noticed now that they both have little white spots. The one lionhead has one on his tail that I can see so far and two close together on his head on the red growth/lump, they look kinda cottony but I'm concerned. The other lionhead has the same thing. I NEED TREATMENT HELP =(.. The black moor is healthy though. I put a tablespoon of course salt in already about an hour ago, and a couple drops of this solution called STOP FUNGUS (8 drops. but it says 4 drops per 4 litres) in just in case (didn't actually work for my last fish) two days ago . My lionheads, the one is quite big, maybe 2-3 inches and the other i little smaller maybe 1-2 and a half inches. I do a 50% water change weekly in general. I use water conditioner, I dont have it with me at the moment but it's a blue liquid that disappears as soon as it's put in the water. I have a basic water filter, can't remember the name sorry.. I last did the water change not this week but the last thursday before that because i'm not sure if i should wait till this thursday to clean it cause of the new fish. I feed my fish once a day with general goldfish flakes about half a tablespoon and occasionally a boiled pea or two.. I need as much help and info as possible, I've become very interested in having fish now and i'd hate to lose these ones.. =( HEEELPP???
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