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  1. I hope Blackie will heal very nicly. I hope she,ll get better and stronger!
  2. I think blackie is losing color because of age(this is very common and not dangerous) .Anyway I think you are doing fine and blackie should heal.
  3. The petco person makes me mad. After his death we got a tester,amonia reduce pellet thingys and, stress relevier. Also, guess what it said on the tester? Ammonia:Dangerous Stress:deadly and, Water: harsh. Those petco people are not cool! Also we did a 25% water change,put the stress reliver in and the ammonia reduce thing all went to normal and safe. (P.S. Im happy my 6 month old common type is happy and healthy just like the others!)
  4. we got a tester: its at harmful level can you help me and tell me what to do to lower the ammonia im scared that he may die any second! and its a 20 gallon tank.
  5. he has swimbladder mom thinks hes dieing I dont know what to do! please help the temp is 76 and we got him a week ago
  6. its getting worseeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Hes not eating and he looks tired. Hes only 3 months old!
  7. sry that was my dad he does'nt 100% get forums so im sry that I couldnt get pics on this its hard . Well my dad was right with all the facts and names he put on up there.(please excuse him for his mistakes in the spelling) Now the bigger problem is that he is not eating when I fed the other goldies and him and hes struggling to move very fast. So I would be so greatful if you could tell me whats wrong:) (P.S. fine means perfect in this matter)
  8. Tested the water at PetCo andPH and Ammonium were fine. Test done on 3 days ago. 20 gallon tank with 4 fish 2 fantail 1 common and 1 shubkin Ruyiken. its a brank new tank that has been running for 2 weeks. No water change yet. The filter is a Tetra Whisper 115 volts and 60Hz. We feed once in the morning Tetra pellets and we do the 5 min rule. Picture to follow once Ican get it uploaded
  9. started out of nowhere, but my fantial has developed a red mouth. he is still eating although he is swimming a lttle slower- ammonia poisoning? bruise?
  10. are you worried about the spots? that just means hes a boy ready to breed The bumps
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