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  1. Awesome video! Neat setup. Love your fish.
  2. They are gorgeous, both your fish and the setups! Absolutely fabulous! Well done.
  3. ha ha, you can dig a small one yourself. bog filter sounds good to me. interesting theory. Thanks. thanks. lovely.
  4. Thanks. Have got some plants in the pond, but not that many. Planning to add more over time. Thanks. Thanks. It is next to a garage, and is far from the main house. No basement under the pond. Not worried about flooding other buildings.
  5. Thanks. No problem. Thanks. 1200 liter per hour Thanks, and happy DIY Totally agree. Thanks.
  6. Thanks. Thanks Thanks. Thanks for the heads up ;D
  7. oxygenation weed. Can be found at any goldfish stores.
  8. They are Ceramic Noodles Glass Ring (white in the middle), and BIO BALL (black on the right). The white one on the left is AQUARIUM Filter Pad. So the water goes from top onto the filter pad, then goes down through bottom gap (can be seen on the first photo), and then up through the glass rings, and then over onto the bio ball from the top, and then leaves back to the pond. Happy DIY
  9. Ow! is this the legendary butter-fly tail? So you have single handedly bred a butter-fly tailed oranda! I worship you now!
  10. Not a problem, it is a deal then. Let me find a stone and a chisel
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