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  1. It does get into the 100s but only for a few weeks out of the summer, I don't think the water will get that warm though. We'll see!
  2. Thanks Daniel for your input! I unfortunately can't make it deeper because I am using a tuff stuff container as the pond. The pond is in the shade majority of the day and will have plants for cover so I'm hoping it's not an issue. The summers here are pretty mild.
  3. Yep! Tested the filter and it works great! When is the ideal time to add fish? I've been monitoring temps and today the water got up to 74 during the day and 66 at 11pm. I imagine it will get a couple degrees lower than that since the nights are still cool
  4. The inflow pipe is 1/2 inch and the outflow is 3/4. The elbow pointing up is a great suggestion! I'll have to measure it.
  5. Here is a pic of the finished product if you or anyone was interested! I plan to cut the dump valve pipe a little shorter and probably make the stool a little bigger. One thing I did wrong was put the outflow pipe too low, I think, but it should be fine.
  6. The red mark looks like natural coloring to me. Otis is the same bronzey color and has them too. Let's see what a mod says
  7. I put together the filter today and it went much better than expected! Thank you Shakaho for all you wonderful help and tutorials!
  8. Beautiful girls and tank! It's so clean and algae free!
  9. I have wisteria and water sprite and my goldies don't touch them. I've also got some anubias floating around
  10. Looks good to me! I actually have one of my intakes lower than that so it sucks up extra debri
  11. One goldfish will do absolutely fine on it's own
  12. It looks beautiful, Jennie! I really like those plants. The telescopes have grown a ton!
  13. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/105076-schedules-for-the-treatment-of-flukes-etc-using-praziquantel/ Here is a link for quarantine protocols. Edit: I misunderstood. 0.3% salt is used for the first round. That's what I usually do for my QT
  14. Yep that sounds good! For future vacations, I would just empty the entire tank completely or leave it filled with an airstone to keep water from going stagnant. Just do a large water change before adding your fish There is really not enough beneficial bacteria in the gravel for it to matter for that length of time, all of it is in your filters.
  15. I think you would be fine with just thoroughly vacumming the gravel and doing a big water change. You brought your filters with you right?
  16. Just wanted to update, since today is Otis' last day on metromeds. He is doing amazing! No floating at all, no lethargy, poop is looking normal. I hope he doesn't start floating again after he's back on his normal food, but I'm going to try and feed him mostly soft/frozen foods and see if that helps.
  17. those ranchu are amazing! that filter is pretty awesome too
  18. and yet another question, when fitting the pvc pipes together do you use the pvc glue or not? i was going to buy some, but I figured i'd ask here first and find out if that was necessary.
  19. I'm sorry your fish isn't feeling well! A mod should be here soon. Can you post a photo of your entire tank? For us to see any possible ways she might be losing her scales.
  20. It looks amazing!! tell us more about your set up! what kind of lights? do you use co2? i love planted tanks. i'm sure it's going to look fantastic once everything grows in (and if the goldies don't make a snack out of everything ) the amazon swords will get huge, so i don't think they're a great foreground plant. They look great in your tank though so maybe move them to the back? I've had luck with chain swords as a foreground and they do spread into a nice carpet.however, they're pretty slow growers in lower light. dwarf sag is another great carpeting plant.
  21. very nice you should add some more plants!
  22. I don't suggest it. You'd have to increase those water changes to every other day -2 days at the very least, I have one fish in a 20 gallon quarantine with cycled media and am still having trouble with water parameters (I change the water every 3 days) imagine having 3! Would this be a temporary home for them?
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