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  1. I encourage all of you to get more and bigger tanks
  2. It is cheaper! I bought the 40 gallon breeder kit for $130 and I don't use the hood or the light it came with
  3. I think so, Mr.Hyde. I wish I could upgrade
  4. Just letting you guys know that petco is having their dollar per gallon sale for those of you looking to upgrade or needing another tank!
  5. I'm glad Elvis is doing better! I would like to add that my butterfly, with super long fins, also stops to rest periodically. I was concerned at first, but he is active and always looking for food. It's gotta be hard on Elvis having those long fins!
  6. i hope they feel better soon! your fish are really chubby!!!
  7. i'm not too familar with tropicals, but I suggest doing the swap now and doing a fish in cycle. you will have to keep a close eye on water params and doing a water change every time the ammonia or nitrites gets to 1ppm. they will be much better off in the 55 gallon than the 20, especially since there is 4 of them.
  8. wow, impressive! your cat is adorable! and those ducks are too cute!
  9. I still feed my big guys little food, just more of it you should be in no rush to get the bigger size!
  10. Thank you, Shakaho! I have been looking around for one of those little baskets you have in your filter because the water was so high. The piece of matala will work great! I actually put a shorter outflow pipe in the filter last night, so it's at the very end of the pond now. I'm going to try to clear the water now! Great suggestion. Continuous water change...I like it! I'll have to get started next weekend! Right now I have some boxwood basil and nasturtiums, but I used seeds so they may not grow until the water level is down.
  11. Great pics, #2!!! Those are some chubby fish
  12. did you tell him that means you're just getting new fish to put in the pond?
  13. Thanks guys! It still needs some work, but it's coming along well! Just need to get rid of the cloudy water Not yet, planning on adding them sometime next week or the week after
  14. Thanks I got him from the dandy oranda auction! He's got the personality to match
  15. Thanks guys! Monroe LOVES Eden, but she's really not too crazy about him
  16. I finally got around to taking a pic of my pond (in it's murky state). I used Shakaho's tutorial for the bog filter which is a 10 gallon muck bucket and the pond itself is a 50 gallon tuff stuff container. I'm so happy with the results I am planning on building a surround for it when I have time, probably in the next couple months. I haven't added my fish yet because I need to get rid of the murky water and get netting for it but I'm hoping I can put them in sometime next week!
  17. I added my butterfly to the main tank (40 gallon breeder) after 4 rounds of prazi and am doing another 2 rounds with Eden and Otis as a preventative before they go into the pond which is almost finished Monroe will stay in the 40b by himself, I haven't decided if I'm going to get him a friend yet because he's so big and makes this tank look tiny! Please ignore all the diatoms and mess of this tank right now, I've kind of been neglecting it aside from water changes because I've been so busy. I'm planning on rescaping it when i have extra time. Everyone is getting along pretty well!
  18. Perfect, thanks! This will work well with the surround that I'll be building in the next few months as well
  19. Congrats! I love the 46 gallon bow, I'm hoping I can get one someday.can't wait to see it all set up!
  20. Thanks! I will look into it! I need something strong so no predators will attempt to go fishing.
  21. What type of netting do you suggest to cover the pond?
  22. Let it soak for a few minutes and scrub it well then use 2x prime and let it air dry completely
  23. What type of lighting do you have? This will help determine what types of plants you can grow
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