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  1. i use a versa lid and cut it in half and put it just below my light fixture.
  2. It looks wonderful, charly!!! Come do mine
  3. I would get another Aqua Clear 70. This is 300gph which puts you at 500gph. Alternatively you could just run the AQ70, but we usually reccomend two filters in case one stops working.
  4. good luck charly, I would take them if I had space.
  5. Looking great! your red & white Ryukin is stunning!
  6. omg, poor julie! she is in good hands, i'm sure she will recover soon
  7. Spinach and kale are two that I feed my fish and they do great on it. By the way, I haven't seen you around that often, Cindi!!
  8. Oooh I would love this for my pond! I don't think I qualify though
  9. Thanks for the nice words. Is your avatar your fish? What a beauty! Yes! Than you!! He is my new butterfly from DO
  10. Just an fyi, petco is currently having their dpg. I would call and see if it's going on at your local store
  11. Wow! They are adorable and going to be stunners when they grow up! Congrats!
  12. I have the tetra whisper airpump and it works great. It's also very quiet, hence the name
  13. I'm pretty bad about checking my water parameters because I do 80% water changes every 3-4 days and the nitrates never get above 10-20 ppm. I do check the ph of my tank and tap pretty often though to make sure it's stable. It is important to check often though, especially during cycling, with a new cycle, or if you don't have a consistent WC schedule
  14. I agree with Alex. Why did you take them home if you aren't thrilled with them?
  15. Awesome! Building a bog filter is very rewarding and much simpler than you think http://www.amazon.co...lex+muck+bucket Order it online if you can. I had to order my muck bucket online. Alternatively you can use a large flower pot, but I would get suggestions from Shakaho about the right ones to use. I think that pump would be good. I have the the smaller one and it's very powerful.
  16. I'd count this round as round 1 and do 4-6 rounds to make sure all the flukes are gone!
  17. Can you answer the questions at the top of the page please?
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