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  1. I have water hyacinth that is taking over my empty pond. I can send you some.
  2. A tooth brush (new of course) or one of those bendy bristle brushes works great
  3. First off, you have a gorgeous home! I agree with shell. Take it down and sterilize everything, put it away until the next time you need a qt.
  4. I am so glad you are getting him! He was my fav out of the bunch on there congrats and good luck!
  5. Hikari is a great brand. I only have experience with Saki Hikari (purple bag) but my fish do very well on it and it does wonders for growth. What's nice about them too is that they are small pellets, perfect for smaller fish, but I feed it to my big guys with no problem. I recommend soaking pellets for a minimum of 30 seconds to soften them up and they will sink immediately Flake food is not typically recommended because it floats and goldfish end up gulping a lot of air while eating.
  6. Since he lives so close, I would put the media in the sump in a bucket filled with tank water. As long as the media stays wet, it should stay cycled. You shouldn't have a problem with it since you aren't traveling a long distance. Make sure to QT! Especially since you are taking media from a tank with fish in it.
  7. I'm sorry you have to do this Percy. You gave Freckles a great life
  8. What a pretty color change! she is very cute!
  9. I do! I got mine at petsmart! It looks nice. It would look better if the suction cups were black as well.
  10. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics of it set up! I am also looking for a good deal on a 55 gallon tank...I know they're out there somewhere
  11. Absolutely stunning! I still love the orange and white one I almost got one similar to him at the last DO Auction
  12. He has grown so much! I love the color change
  13. this is so cool! thanks for sharing
  14. Looks great! I demand more pics of this fish!
  15. I love my eheim ecco pro 2236. It's very simple to set up and there is tons of room for media I can only imagine their other canisters are just as great.
  16. this is really awesome I'm so glad you have found Pickles a home so quickly and looks like a great one!!
  17. ok, that is the cutest hamster i have ever seen! gimmie!!!
  18. Wow, that 1st one is so vibrant! Congrats on your finds!
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