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  1. Norm is getting sooooo big and Willie looks great!
  2. Thanks Koko Thank you so much! Thank you. I never figured out what did this to her unfortunately
  3. Thank you! Thanks!! Aw thank you Thanks, it was scary! Thank you! thanks Thank you Newton and Susanna Thanks Hidr!! I hope so, thanks Jenny!! Sorry Alex, she's all mine but we thank you for the compliments!
  4. Thanks Lisa there is more growth in some places than others, but I am so happy about it!
  5. So those of you subbies already know about Eden's accident in the pond, but for those who don't about 3 weeks ago I went out to check on my fish and found Eden's tail fin ripped into shreds. i don't know how it happened, whether it be an animal or small child, but her fins were almost gone With the help I have received from our wonderful mods, she is well on her way to growing her beautiful fins back! She has been in QT for 3 weeks now and doing great. I could probably move her back to the main tank, but I'm not ready to move her yet. I don't think I'll ever put her back into the pond and risk this or something worse happening again. Anyway, on to pics! Here's a pic from before just for comparison. Thanks for looking
  6. If you aren't using a faucet adapter for your water changes, add the prime to the fresh bucket of water before pouring it in the tank. Prime detoxifies ammonia and nitrite immediately and for up to 24 hours. if you have any ammonia/nitrite in your tap water, it should be consumed by your cycle within that 24 hrs
  7. Yes, do a big water change first. Are you using prime or amquel as your water conditioner? Prime/amquel detoxifies up to 1ppm of ammonia for 24 hours. Is your tank cycled?
  8. Yep, start one of the prazi schedules. Whichever one you choose, the first round you should bring the salt up to 0.3% in 12 hour increments. Once the salt is up to that level, double dose prazi. After the 1st round and water change, you can lower the salt to 0.1% and use the normal dose of prazi. Do 4-6 rounds. Have you ever treated for flukes before?
  9. wow! I love it!! Do they hide in the shells??
  10. They are looking amazing, Alex! I loooove your r&w ryukin and Tele!
  11. I suggest getting a separate python for qt and treatment and disinfect it after use if that's not an option, just santize your hose after treatment, but be sure to rinse really well.
  12. I actually don't remember where i got that from, lol. Probably someone on here It doesn't matter regardless, I think 16 parts water would be better especially if the tank had ich You could probably even do like, 10 parts water. (I would, I'm paranoid!)
  13. Congrats! I usually disinfect with 1 part bleach to 19 parts water, but it doesn't hurt to make the solution a bit stronger.
  14. Such a perfect name for him he is so cute!
  15. that tank sounds perfect for your 4 fancies
  16. The glass versa tops make great hoods. I use the aquatic life t5ho and it's a great light, but might be a little more pricey than what you are looking for. I've heard good reviews about the aqueon t5s and they are prety inexpensive.
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