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  1. I usually make a batch that's enough to feed for 2 weeks. I would not keep anything longer than that though.
  2. he is adorable the tank looks amazing too, what size is it?
  3. Plants feed off the nitrates, but since you are overstocked as it is, those plants won't take care of that many nitrates. Water changes are key. Would you mind testing your tap parameters? Particularly the nitrates. For posting pics, you can upload them to a photo hosting site (such as photobucket) and then link them to Koko's. I know they're hard to get photos of, try putting him in a small tupperware container so he doesn't have anywhere to go
  4. Also, your nitrates are a little high. With 2 goldfish in a 20 gallon you are overstocked. I suggest doing more like 50% water changes every few days until you are able to upgrade/rehome the other fish. 2 gallons just isn't enough. Alternatively, you can buy a 30 gallon sterilite tub for under $10 to house them temporarily.
  5. Do you have a pic? I suspect it's just normal wen growth which does not need any sort of treatment, but a pic will confirm that.
  6. I'm not positive about how to make one, but basically it's a bar that has little holes in it that the water comes out of. I find it works better since the current isn't nearly as strong, but it creates more water movement. If you're interested in buying one, I'm sure fluval sells it. When i first got my spray bar, I turned it backwards to create less current.
  7. Nope. As I'm sure you know, goldfish produce a lot of waste and grow very large. That's 10 gallons per fish, and 20 gallons for the first fish is recommended. If they are tiny and you are planning on moving them to a larger tank, i'd say it's okay, but if this is their permanent home I would just stick with the two you have
  8. Thanks, Shelly! Otis is my ninja fish
  9. Thank you, Stratton! Thanks! The butterflies you've been drooling over are probably Monroe's siblings, I got him from DO a couple months ago Thanks Tammy, me too! Thank you! Thanks, Flipper! Thank you! It's okay, I think I prefer barebottom anyways Thanks melany! Thank you very much! Thanks, Katie! Thank you
  10. I have a 50 gallon tuff stuff container that I bought on amazon. It makes a great little pond. As far as the bog filter goes, a 10 gallon fortiflex muck bucket is a good choice. If you decide to upgrade the pond, you can use it too.
  11. what size pond are you looking to start? how many fish? what's the weather like where you live? a stock tank makes a great pond and they come in many different sizes. you can find them on amazon, your local feed stores, or local nurseries. it would definitely be cheaper to build a bog filter (they are so easy to build) and the size of the bucket you need depends on what size pond you want to start.
  12. I have been looking forward to this. They are gorgeous, Alex! I love the sakura and ryukin
  13. Thanks! Thanks Chai I think I'll take the risk and not hand them over Thanks so much, heidi! The tele is Monroe, Otis is the bronze oranda. Thanks!! So sorry about your ryukin I think as long as it's not affecting his quality of life to the point where he doesn't interact with you or want food, it's okay
  14. Thought I would do an update since you guys haven't seen Otis or Monroe in a while. They are doing pretty well. Otis is still having floaty issues which breaks my heart and after numerous attempts to fix him, I've realized this is just how he will be for the rest of his life. Yesterday I added Eden back to the main tank because I didn't see any point in keeping her in the QT since she is healing so well and she was so happy to see her boyfriends again! My 40 breeder is going through some changes right now and it has seen much better days. I recently took out all 60 lbs of eco complete, since I never really got around to getting the planted tank look that i desired, i figured it's best to just go barebottom. I haven't quite got all of the tiny bits of gravel out yet, which is what you see on the bottom. I'm upgrading to a 55 gallon within the next few months for the 3 of them and I am super excited about that! Thanks for looking!
  15. very nice! Shoudnt otos be in a pair of 2 or more?
  16. Too cute! That "bite" of repashy is as big as he is!!
  17. Do use the same hose or buckets for water changes between the 2 tanks?
  18. My goldfish has some yellow in her wen and she'll get yellow in her fins. Depending on how much algae based food I'm feeding her, the yellow comes and goes. I don't think it's anything to be concerned about, just feed more color enhancing/algae based foods if you want the yellow to return I should also add that all RG fish are raised in ponds, where colors can become very vibrant. It's not unusual for colors to change once added to an aquarium where they aren't getting that natural sunlight.
  19. I use the top fin brand cleaning wand. It works for the walls great, just not the hard to reach spots
  20. You can come and aquascape my tank now, please. Really impressive!
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