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  1. He has his moments where he's upside down, but is usually able to right himself. Mainly just floats around the tank looking so sad. Thanks Stratton! nice to see you too! Thanks Alex! I'll try to avoid the veggies until necessary. Thankfully he's got a good appetite
  2. I'm feeding him 20 pellets a day split up into 4 feedings of 5 pellets. I'm soaking the pellets for about 15 seconds prior to feeding too. It breaks my heart to see him so floaty! Thanks 4prettyfish me too!!
  3. how can you be angry at a face like that!? beautiful photos & fish
  4. hey everyone, long time no see! i've been incredibly busy, hope everyone and their fish are doing well I have a couple questions for you guys. first things first, Monroe has dropsied again for the 2nd time Luckily I think I caught it early because we're on day 2 of MMs and Epsom his & scales are now flat I was going to do a preventative prazi round while he's in a qt tank and on MMs since I won't be using salt. Is prazi okay to use with epsom in the tank? secondly, the MMs are making him floaty and I was wondering if it's okay to feed veggies between MMs to help with constipation. I've asked this question before but I completely forget the answer : Thanks!!
  5. I have been wondering how these guys are doing!! They're looking fantastic! I just love hula
  6. Oooh what a pretty fish! Congrats
  7. Thank you everyone I just wish I knew what caused her death so suddenly
  8. R.I.P my sweet little oranda I came home after working the entire weekend ready to do a WC to find Eden stuck to the filter, C-shaped and dropsied. I made the choice to euthanize her almost immediately since I thought she was too far gone. She has always been the toughest fish and I've never had any issues with her. I guess sometimes these things just happen
  9. Looks great! I your butterflies!
  10. Aqua clears are great filters, however I don't think an ac50 is the right filter for a 55 gallon tank. I have an ac50 that I use on my 20 gallon qt tank and it's not that powerful. You would be better off upgrading to two ac70s or one ac70 and a canister.
  11. It's recommended to have 10x the turnover rate for goldfish so 550 gph for your 55 gallon tank. A lot of us here including myself also prefer to run 2 filters in case one breaks. If the filter you have now is not causing any problems in your tank and you only have the one fish, I think you could get away with it let's see what others have to say as well. What type of filter are you using?
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