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  1. Yeah, I want to raise them. I've cleaned out the old tank and have it ready to go to raise fry. I'm really excited about them this year! I just hope I can catch the little buggers before mommy and daddy eat them. That's if they hatch, though. This is my first attempt at breeding fish so who knows, and I have no idea what I'll do with them once they start to grow!
  2. So here's an update. For the last 2 days my male has been harassing the hell out of my female, constantly nudging her backside and chasing her all around the place. When I peeked in today I saw this! It's hard to tell because I'm using the crappy camera on my phone but there are tiny little eggs all over the place! They're clear and hard to see but hopefully you can pick them out in the pic.
  3. Thanks for the advice! RanchuDressing, mine is also a 46 bowfront. It's the "Marineland 46 Euro" and I love it. The LED blue "night" light is great, too. The bowed front sort of magnifies everything so the fish actually look a little bigger than they are, unless they're really close to the glass - that is one downside, I would have preferred acrylic. The stand that came with it is, err, well not what I would have chosen, but for the price as a kit I couldn't pass it up. If I get something bigger down the road I'll have to move stuff around to find a better spot for it. I don't know about the 3rd fish. I think I'll give it a month or so and let the environment adapt to 2 fish before I start adding anything else. I will be adding more plants, though, and that right quick! Just curious, though. You guys mentioned that common plecos are not a good idea with goldies, what happens? Do they just die from the water conditions Goldfish make or did my fish actually kill them all? I'm a bugger for monitoring my water and I never caught anything that would have killed them, or it would have killed my goldie as well. I keep my pH at 7.4, although I know the golds do like it a little bit higher. I cycled this new one using Danios before the permanent residents moved in. One of the dannies didn't make it near the end but the other one did and he is living in one of my friend's tank now who really wanted him.
  4. I haven't been on here in forever but I wanted to share my updates! My first and, until now, only goldie has a new home since I last visited this site and also has her first mate! The first one I knew was female because of the eggs when she was by herself, and with the help of the fish guy at Petco I hope we've got a male. The new guy is on the left and has yet to be named. (Suggestions?) Bubbles is the female on the far right. She just moved into this 46 gal. home, out of her old 20 gal. tank about 3 weeks ago. The new fella moved in this afternoon. Both are Ryukins, but I think my female is a cross breed Ryukin/Fantail? I'm afraid to overcrowd the tank but I'm thinking about getting a Black Moor one of these days. Are there any problems with Moors and Ryukins as far as compatibility? I'd like to put one more fish in there that has some sort of different color to make it a little unique. I've always heard that a Goldfish aquarium is exclusive to Goldfish, but Moors are a Goldfish breed aren't they? What about Plecos? I've tried 3 so far and each one has died - she ate one of them. Not sure if she killed it or ate it after it died. Anyway, these are my babies and maybe I'll even end up with some fry down the road. I did save the old tank just in case...
  5. Okay I have the PraziPro, just came in the mail today. This is expensive stuff! The new water params are: Ammonia: 0.25 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 0 pH: 8.0 Water Temp: 74F (76F if I leave the light on for 5 or 6 hours.)
  6. I moved the fish into an isolation tank. Ammonia: .25 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 0 pH: 7.8 Temp: 74F So far I've got the fish sitting in 0.2% salt and have been feeding her peas. No medications, additives, etc. have been added to the water. I ordered Prazi-Pro but I won't have it for a few more days.
  7. About the same. I changed some of the water out and had to replace the salt I removed by doing that. Still floating sideways
  8. I don't think so I think eggs are white/pearly. I'm not sure what this stuff is. I'm afraid they're harboring some sort of bacteria and that's what it may be. I've never dealt with snails before. I've had them for a while and it never was a problem keeping a fish with them, but I've never seen this stuff before, either.
  9. I put my two snails in a tiny little 1.5 gal. tank just to isolate them until this is all sorted out. They have TONS of this nasty green algae looking poop or whatever it is coming out of their shells. Wondering if this might in any way be related to Bubbles' problems? I never noticed this in the main tank before and the one in the front seems to be doing, or making, more of it than the one in the back.
  10. My camera broke a while back so all I have is my phone which doesn't necessarily take the clearest pics. This is the best I could do. You can (I can, anyway) see the raised scale in this pic.
  11. Okay I just ordered the medication. It's going to take a few days to get here so is the salt going to be okay until then or should I start taking it out? Can you even use the stuff with salt in the water?
  12. In the video you can see everything I'm trying to describe. The raised scale is on the right side, above and behind the pectoral fin. I also bumped up the salt to .2% based on advice I got from Petco. (I don't go to PetSmart anymore.) They wanted me to buy their salt, but a salesman is a salesman. Also the guy sold me this stuff called Melafix. I have not used anything in this water other than salt, though. I wanted to wait for better advice before putting other stuff in the water. Also, this is her iso tank. There is fuzzy stuff all over the plant leaves in the big tank so I set her up in good, clean fresh water, added a dechlorinator and the salt. The pump is in there as well but it's not running. I ran it for a day to churn up the water really good before she went in, and also to stabilize the temp, which is right now at 74F.
  13. There is also a raised scale on the right side of the body, and a spot just above it that looks like another scale may have detached?
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