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  1. maybe karen can stop by after work tomorrow
  2. i just want my peach to be happy again.
  3. peachy is not flipping over anymore. do you think we will still need to try low water method after jungle parasite treatment? i would like to move her to the 40 gallon know that karen has the 2 that were in there and would like to put the black moore in there also. going to make it a bare bottom tank. bringing in baby koi soon and running out of room I think the gills look good. karen has looked at her a few times also.
  4. I so need you to fix my profile pic and show me how to put pics at the bottom of my posts!
  5. Hope they were good to your little one!! I went to feed them this morning but I'm glad you could take them. maybe a few baby koi next spring . ps they have to come back if you can't keep them!!! lol They look happy!
  6. Cant wait to see he/she grow!!! we really need to stay away from the lps!! we can't save them all!
  7. Ph 8.2 all others 0 24 hrs after Wc. Will look at gills tonight. Anything I should be taking notice of and directions if more than looking at color?
  8. will check tomorrow. sorry, its been a rough week and i've been out of town a few days. I do apologize.
  9. why do you think she is hanging out near the bubbler all the time? i have a filter running in this qt also.
  10. Peachy doesnt seem to be flipping over. hangs out a lot by by air bubbler. start jungle tommorrow.
  11. She seems a bit more active today. Green beans and jungle yesterday same today and jungle Monday. Could it be helping? So 4 days regular food next and back to jungle again?
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