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  1. I have tried both, barebottom and sand and like both ways. The only thing I can say is that barebottoned tanks look much more dirty because the fish poo is on the bottom of the tank and normally, with the fish movements, it loos like a cloud of poo all the time and mainly in the morning...and with sand the poo is not so visible...with sand, a piece of wood or some plants, whatever but something.
  2. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Very nice pics!! And I love your Blue oranda (Iron blue I guess), is just georgeus!!
  3. Yes, do it, your fishes will appreciate that!! And in the UK you won´t have any problem finding this food, but for example here in Spain is almost impossible to get them, I usually buy them using Ebay and they all come from the UK..
  4. haahahahhaah that´s right!! hahhahhaha
  5. Thanks, if I have time I will have a look to them!! Thanks for sharing One thing I´m sure of, sun is our best friend in terms of keeping a good coloration!! I have both tank and pond and the coloration in fishes living outside is just incredible, no comparation with fishes living with artificial lighting. Sometimes I´ve had some fishes living in the tank and have moved them to the pond and after a few weeks they didn´t look the same fish!! Incredible!!
  6. I´m sorry about that...so sad!! If you can change your food, Tetra is probably the worst trademark in goldfish food and many people say that tetra can produce floating problems. Best foods are Hikari, maybe JBL and of course home made foods (also bloodworms and those kind of things) And also one last thing...for your tank size you may have too many fishes, try with less and you will see the difference..
  7. Don´t worry coco I don´t feef bad about the link removed...I´m moderator in an spanifh forum so i understand that rules are just rules and must be accepted. Regards Yes Stakos, that´s right!!
  8. Exactly!!! Was in that book where I have read about panda coloration and it´s instability...probably in a near future we will have the chance to have "real" panda goldfish....but now, probably, the real panda are in chinnese or japannese hands...
  9. Ufff is to long to sum it up and it looks like is a conversation in another forum...it is really interesting but you have to read it completely...
  10. Have a look to this: [link removed] At least is interesting...
  11. I don´t remember exactly where I have read about panda coloration...I think that was in a chinesse forum or a book, I can´t remenber this but i now that was somthing that call my atention deeply!! Cause I though, like many other people, that panda coloration was another kind of coloration but in this place thay said that this coloration (panda) is just a step, a fase if you prefere, before a change...I wish this is not true ´cause panda coloration is just beautiful!! Beautifull tank yours!!!!!
  12. rms


    Most of those plants are not acuatic plants...take a look through internet ´cause they are going to pass away soon or later but they will do... In your betta tank, as you can see, those plants are semi acuatic, that means that they can live with the sustrate wet but not under the water all the time (and those plants, yours, are turning brown because of that)...
  13. Nice pics and nice fishes. I think that Beau is more a veiltail rather than a ryukin... Regards
  14. Panda is not a real coloration, is just a step before a colour change...so always a panda fish will turn, probably, into red or orange but never keep that black colouration. Regards
  15. Beautiful fishes!!! Congrats!! PD Next time please put the camera in other possition...hhahahhaha
  16. Puf I don´t like the "looking" of this filter, the colour is terrible and you loose a lot os space inside the pond so your fshes will have less space to move around and to grow...
  17. Wowwwwwwww! Incredible pics!!!! Congrats they are looking pretty good!!
  18. rms

    My small pond

    Yes, exactly!! Pomp is the right word!! This is what I meant...using a POMP you can "move" water from one opint to another.... Regards
  19. rms

    My small pond

    hahahaah thanks!! yes but I guess "bomb" is much more funny....hahahhahaha and fast isn´t?? hahahhha
  20. rms

    My small pond

    hahahahahahah sorry, as you can see my english is not good enough!!! ahhahahhaha I meant something to move the water from your pond to the plants...you don´t use the word "bomb"??
  21. I think that every pond is a worl itself...depending on filtration, fish population, number of plants, etc you will have to do more or less work on it. I have a small patio pond (only about a 106 gallons) and as I use this water to water my plants in the patio (and I hace plenty of them!!) I may do like a 100% of WC every week, at least when the weather is warm ´cause I have to water a lot...probably in winter time I may do something like 40% of WC... And how about filtration?' Well I thing filtration is the heart of your pond ( same as happend with tanks) so you know, get the best one you can pay!! And plants are also very important in ponds (as well as tanks) ´cause the make the water saver for your fish as they consume nitrates, amonia, etc..
  22. Wow, beautiful tank and pond!! I also think that your oranda is a lucky one!!! ahhahahhha
  23. rms

    My small pond

    Thank you Coco!! Have you ever think about using a bomb to move your water to your plantas?? Sometimes is possible to do it, easy and not really expensive and while you are changing your pond water you are watering your plantas... If not next time!!! hahahhaha Regards
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