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  1. i have brine shrimp mix from tetra which are in foil sachets and come out a bit like a gel,is that any good?
  2. To Coco - thankyou so much,it arrived this morning! I am not keen to make a gel food nor in a position at the moment to go out and obtain all the required ingredients for it. I saw an old post of your Alex saying to add a bit of tank water to it and soak the fish food in it. I am keen to do this. Is the 1g just one dose,use it all at once on one day? 'Lucky Leo' isnt looking so lucky today.Hes looking pretty miserable spending time on the bottom of the tank and id like to start the medication as soon as possible,if its not already too late already. Help please!
  3. What a little cutie. I love your tank decor. What are the balls on the bottom,they look like clear maltesers!
  4. oookay..... im looking at that thinking gelatin,where am i gonna get gelatin? How about wine gums instead?! LOL
  5. no i dont have any frozen bloodworms.I have dried and when i fed them i gotta use the tweezers as they freak me out! :/ 'Lucky Leo' as i am now calling him,already likes to eat from my fingers,so i guess that will help. Food wise i feed tetra gold japan sinking pellet. Yes he has a very good apetite Im not sure about the gel food,i saw a thread with your recipe gel and half the stuff id never heard of!
  6. okay,thanks for your help koko! I will go and do that now
  7. Okay thanks koko. My ammonia is abit high at the moment,so i should still do daily water changes and add melafix daily? When i get the metro powder,how much should i use and how do i adminster it,in food?
  8. ideally im hoping someone can tell me how many grams or milligrams per litre or uk/us gallon Also when im able to get the correct dosage amount how many days should i salt for?
  9. I have just managed to get some epsom salt. can someone help me better with dosage amount please previously it was said 1/4 teaspoon/10gallon. My tank is 28litres or 7.4 us gallon or 6.2uk gallon Does someone know the weight of salt required for the above as a 1/4 teaspoon is too much for my tank and i dont know how to work it out. it would be easier to weigh it as everyones version of what a quarter teaspoon looks like varies please help,i dont want to overdose! Also when using this and melafix do i need to do daily water changes?
  10. can you use garlic powder or does it have to be 'proper' garlic?
  11. Coco - if i give you my email address,can you email me please and we can sort address etc out through email, because i dont have enough posts yet to be able to private message you and no offence to anyone on here,i dont want you all knowing where i live! My email address is elmo-87@hotmail.co.uk Thankyou very much for your help
  12. I like your bubble eye,its not very often i see them,i know theyre not to everyones taste!
  13. Hi Cathface, thankyou so much for getting back to me,not to worry though,i know it was a long shot because the post i saw of yours was a few months old.Thankyou though
  14. Hi Coco. Thanks for your post,i have never used either before and i dont know how much i need but maybe Alex will see this and tell me what i need and how much and then we could arrange something between us if that would be okay with you?
  15. Wow, i dont think ive ever seen veiltails before,they're beautiful!
  16. Keep calling him Nemo!! he's sweet
  17. I havent been testing them because i am doing 100% water changes daily
  18. Well iv been doing some research and this medicine is illegal in the uk and places online arent delivering outside of us or itl end up getting stuck in customs. I found a thread on here last updated in may this year and a member cathface says she may have some from her cousin who visited from us but i cant work out how to pm her, or i dont have enough posts for this option. Can someone help me out there please? The only other option it seems is to ask my vet,but theyre not open now until monday. Referring to your post alex, you want me to do another waterchange and continue with melafix but i didnt understand this bit of your post (Then, add back Melafix)and 1/4 teaspoons per 10 gallons of water also i thought aquarium salt would help with dropsy?
  19. The temperature is 22.c As for the gill colour, thats a tough one to answer. how do i go about checking them? his head growth runs all down the cheeks so its harder to tell than a smooth cheeked fish,if that makes sense?! But when he swims to the top of the tank and i look at him from underneath, theyre definately pink, proberly more dark than pale pink. Im sorry for the vague answer
  20. You have all confirmed my suspicions. The day after i got him i noticed that from certain angles i could see his scales sticking out. My head said i should take him back to the shop but my heart said no you can fix him. Out of interest when i got him i tested the water he was in from the shop and the readings werent good. nitrite 0.25-0.50 ammonia 0.50-1.0 nitrate 15 I immediatly started with interpet anti internal bacteria, but then after some research found people had better outcomes with melafix, hence why i already had this treatment needed for the latest incident (being the topic of this thread) correct me if im wrong, but i dont think i can get this metro meds you say because im in england?
  21. Day two: 100% water change, Melafix treatment (3rd day) Aquarium salt added (2nd day) I am pleased with the slow healing progress of his head,its looking not so raw, but when i looked at him this morning he has blackish marks on his head/shoulder/back area...what is this? Is it from the treatment and should i be as concerned as i am? Here are some pictures
  22. Oh i see,il do 100% tomorrow then. First time iv taken advice from a complete stranger,but you sound like you know your stuff!! Thankyou fishy Guru!
  23. Followed! Ive just done a 75% water change, i know you (Alex) said 100% but i didnt want to stress him anymore by moving him about while i completly emptied it. I have added salt and day two of melafix and have put the airstone on for a bit. Im 99% certain he got stuck on his own because he used to manage to get himself stuck amongst my amazon sword plants?! The other fish didnt really bother him until his head came off...bless! I'm really determined to keep him alive cos i fell in love with him when i saw him & his character is coming out now Thankyou everyone for your help and interest,i will update if things change
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