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  1. Thanks Becs, i had been looking all over the place for some good salt! I lterally stumbled upon the Saxo stuff earlier today and you beat me to it! I will grab some of this tonight on the way home and prepare for the salting by doing another water change just to start from a clean slate! Am i right in saying that 0.3% of my tank will equate to around 750g of salt?! that seems a lot to be adding in....but i will persist!
  2. thanks Tithra, youre a legend!! i guess next step is to just find the salt!! i will then look at the dosages etc and get a feel for what i am doing, else it is an information overload!! ...and i totally understand the antibacterial properties i.e they cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment - anerobic bacteria?!
  3. am looking for NaCl < table salt with nothing else in it?
  4. Thanks Bodoba, i guess what im asking is 8X filtration p/h good enough while not fully stocked? Surely the stock per litre per hour is worth looking at? Surely it makes sense to fltrate <10X per hour if your stock level is less than max for the tank?! What im saying is, if you have one fish per 50Gal, it requires less filtration than if you had 4 fish per 50gal?? Sorry just applying my logical/mathematical head to this and trying to get my head around it!! Anyway, 2000 litres per hour it will be from Sunday. that is all/what i can afford for now - these fish are expensive to maintain in the UK!
  5. Either way, imperial, US, liters, always should be 10x the tank volume in filtration However, if you are going the canister route you can arguably get by with a little less because they hold so much more media than an HOB filter. 5-8x filtration for canisters has been suggested here a few times.... however, we also know that many canisters do not even come close to the output they claim on the packaging once the filter is filled with media and tubing is in place. Either way, I think 8x should be just fine if it is a canister I think a second fluval 305 would be just fine. The aqua clears are amazing filters, and if you can get one the combo of an HOB and canister is great (that is my current set up). But I know you folks in the UK sometimes have a tough time getting HOBs. In the US you can get an AC 110 for 65.00 dollars online. Thanks Tithra. ill post all updates of the tank in this topic now if thats ok, i dont want to clog up the D&D section as my situation isnt critical
  6. never salted a tank, very nervous about it
  7. my 2nd hand fluval tank doesnt really allow an hob filter easily, would have to do some serious customisation for this!! (not my niche) :S just arranged a £40 + drinks fee for air filter, fluval 305 and other goodies off a mate, so we are up to 2000lph as from sunday!
  8. wo wo wo salting tank at same time?! lol i didnt think that was a requirement with these drugs!! can anyone recommend some salt for me to get for the tank in the UK?? from supermarket of 'hardawre store'
  9. a general update on the tank: big water change tomorrow since i havent needed to do one since sunday (ammonia is steady at <0.25 with test kit plus addition of prime in last few days for no harm from nh3's! ) will start 1st flukes treatment ever with kusuri wormer plus to ensure that the guys are flukes free and happy!
  10. yeah im struggling to find an aquaclear at the moment!! as i say, i think i i have a mate thats willing to let go of a fluval 305 for 30-40 quid ($45-$65). if i went that route, then that would take us up to 8X (around 2000lph) plus the fluvals have areas for carbon filtering, and as im not interested in that at this time, surely i can fill it with more filter media - so i guess that will count for something :S!! these fish are costing me an arm and a leg!! a general update on the tank: big water change tomorrow since i havent needed to do one since sunday (ammonia is steady at <0.25 with test kit) - will start 1st flukes treatment ever with kusuri wormer plus to ensure that the guys are flukes free and happy!
  11. koko, im getting confused with measurements here. are you using US gallons as opposed to imperial gallons when you say 10X per hour? Aslo, how much would you expect to pay for an Aquaclear 110 in the US?
  12. from what i read when looking at the cannister filter specs, they perform around 5X water volume throughput per hour. as i understand it, goldfish require around the 10X mark because they are filthy animals..(but i love 'em) however, the only issue at the moment is money and what i can afford to give them. a mate has a fluval 305 for sale, so if i can get away with 8X filtration p/h while understocked, i will! if not, they are going to have to wait with what they have for the time being while i gather monies for another (bigger) filter
  13. thanks guys, well like i say, the big tank was to relieve them a lil and to stop the daily water changes! i have my eyes on another fluval 305 to put on the tank, that will take us to 8X throughput per hour, would that be enough, or should i still aim higher? it appears things arent as cheap here as in the states, so money is always an issue at the moment!
  14. I agree. Surely I should still be seeing the Ammonia levels rise though? even more so if the filter cannot handle it??
  15. try this for the vid... http://www.webblies.co.uk/100_0988///
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