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  1. Hi everyone! So I just came back from my LFS and got a little ranchu/lionchu - not sure yet . He seems fine except for his tail which has its right side's lower end missing. I'm not sure if this is tail-rot or if it could've been caused by injury and or other fish nipping it. I'm about to start salting the qt and wanted to know if I should follow any specific treatment plan other than the usual salt/prazi rounds. Sorry for the low quality, I'm uploading from my phone and he just won't stand still! lol Test Results for the Following: * Ammonia Level 0ppm New QT TANK * Nitrite Level 0ppm New QT TANK * Nitrate level 0ppm New QT TANK * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 8.2 * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 7.4 Other Required Info: * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? api * Water temperature? 85F * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 20g, NEW * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? Penguin 150, whisper 40 air pump * How often do you change the water and how much? will change every other day 100% * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? today new water * How many fish in the tank and their size? 1, about 1.5-2" * What kind of water additives or conditioners? Prime, Neutral Regulator, Stability * What do you feed your fish and how often? Progold * Any new fish added to the tank? yes, him * Any medications added to the tank? Not yet * List previous issues experienced (dropsy, SBD, etc.) new fish * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. none yet * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? his right side tail fin's lower end seems broken * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? nope Here are the pictures and a video:
  2. Hi again! Good news! I re-visited my LFS and saw this cute guy/girl I missed last Tuesday... I now have a little ranchu or lionchu (not sure yet) that they were clearing out, they usually sell them around $25 and he was being sold at $10 to make room for the new fish shipment coming in next week - I obviously jumped on it! He seems fine, except for his tail that looks a bit broken, don't know if it was nipped on by other fish or if it's tail rot (will post in d&d). He doesn't have any visual signs of flukes and is very active... He's in my qt 20g right now: added double dose of prime, neutral regulator and stability. Should I add salt to 0.1% right away or wait a couple of days before the qt rounds? Here's a picture of my qt setup... BTW I got a glass canopy for my other 20g and am using its old hood with broken latches as cover - just so that my dog's hair doesn't get in the water (IT GETS EVERYWHERE LOL)....
  3. Ok so I just gave Goldy his last MM dose for the 14 day treatment.... He's still floaty, and a bit constipated - although his little poo strings are shorter now... I've been feeding him 1-2 peas with epsom salt grains in them after each MM feeding. Should I continue with MM or start him on an all veggie diet to see where he stands? He hasn't been bottom sitting at all, just kind of floating head down like in the last video most of the day. He does swim a little bit around the tank and, specially when I open his tank's lid (begging for food) then he'll return to that little corner again and stay there floating.
  4. Ok, got it... Will add a daily feeding of peas with a grain of epsom to his MM diet and see how it goes... Will keep you posted as usual
  5. I keep epsom salt for sprains mainly, kind of like it helps with the bloating in dropsy it also helps us with swelling due to injury... Plus some people say an epsom salt soak is a great splinter remover... So that's why I have it handy So I should take him off the MM for a couple of days? Veggie diet round?
  6. As a good pharmacist I do have epsom salt in my first aid kit Just gave him 2 peas with a grain of epsom salt inside... Peas kind of break up in the water easily and I'm not sure he got the epsom salt grains I put in... I think he got at least one though... Will microwave some baby spinach in the morning to leave it in for him to nibble on after his morning MM feeding... Tomorrow will be day 13! Almost done with the MM, hopefully he'll be a little less floaty soon... I had gotten him Jump Start but am not sure wether to give them to him or not, I mean won't they make him as floaty as his meds?
  7. Sure, will do. It seems I was wrong about his constipation - he had a HUGE strand coming out when I went to record the video... lol here it is: Also I just noticed he has some blood vessel like markings on the bottom (or should I say beginning - close to his body) of his tail... They're very red looking but are barely noticeable in this picture because of the lighting... Here's a pic: Water params: ammonia 0 nitrite 0-0.25 (not quite purple yet) nitrate 5ppm did a 100% w/c yesterday (nitrites were at 2ppm again!)
  8. Epsom salt? How do i give it to him? Anyway he's doing better in regards to his constipation, still gets a bit floaty after eating - but a lot less and he's been pooping more and thinner... He's active today and is now begging for food when he sees me - which is very good, although he does retreat to his little corner if I don't pay any attention... He's been headstanding more now... weird... I wanted to let you know I got the prazipro today! So how do I dose it for him? 1 teaspoon per 20g? Also the filter has a carbon cartridge - it's 6-7 weeks old so I think it should not be very active... Do I still need to take it out? How do I do that without removing the cartridge and BB? Thanks!
  9. Thanks so much Tithra. I went to the LFS and they had sold the little cutie I fell in love with They said they will receive a new shipment next week, so maybe I'll see a little guy I like again... As for the QT I'll stick with the 20gallon I already have (hood-less), got myself an extra Penguin 150 and I think it should be enough for the quarantine process... Also I just received my PraziPro in the mail today, so I'll be ready and take her/him home when the time comes.
  10. Hi everyone! I saw the cutest thing at the LFS and am very tempted to bring her home today... I want to know how to setup a QT. I have an empty 20g tank (without hood and filter) and an unused air pump (whisper 40), do I need a filter? If I don't use a filter will I have to do daily 100% w/c? I was also contemplating getting a 10g aquarium kit, it would be easier to do w/c on a 10g and it comes complete with hood with a filter for less than it would cost me to habilitate the 20g. Does the same rule apply of 1 fancy per 10g with QT? Just asking, in case there's another cutie out there... So what do you suggest: buy hood and filter for the 20g or get a 10g kit? Also, my aged tap water's ph is 8.2 (new water is at 7.4) what schedule should I follow? Prazi should arrive either today or tomorrow, could I start the salting without the prazi or is it best to do them at the same time? Things I have now: - empty 20g tank - new whiper 40 (air tubing and airstone) - aquarium salt -prazi (should come in either today or tomorrow) Thanks!
  11. Thanks Alex... I think I'll go to bed now, probably cry myself to sleep
  12. OMG I just lost Jacob!!! I went ahead and tried to do the second dip, everything looked normal except that he tipped over at 4mins 30secs, put him in the holding tank and then sank right to the bottom... He twitched for a little while and then didn't move again... I feel horrible he was fine while in his tank a couple of mins ago, active as ever!!! Looking back on things I just realized I inadvertedly did a 6% dip, thought I had twice as much water as I did I feel soooo terrible right now!
  13. I definitely think he's constipated... Just fed him a couple of pieces of green beans and he would try to eat them and then spit most (or all of it out), he acted like he was really desperate to eat them though... I hope he got enough to help him, well you know... lol
  14. I don't want to interrupt treatment, I'll give him a few pieces green beans, but I'll still continue the MM doses - he loves to eat so I don't think it'll be problem... I do think he's very constipated, he's been pooping less often and once he does it's a HUGE thick string that looks like he wove all of the 20 daily pellets together to make it! lol
  15. Yeah, will do - I know the treatment course is 14 days... He's not doing so good, he's very much sideways and I think it's the MM Just a couple of days ago he was swimming around the tank looking better, except right after feeding time when he'd get a bit floaty. Could I give him green beans or peas to see if he gets better, or should I stick to a strict MM diet? Here's a video of him just a couple of mins ago...
  16. Quick update on Jacob.... His scales that were shedding apparently fell or healed, because he looks very good in that regard - just a tiny white spec where the scale was... He's active as usual, and here's a video of him moving around the tank. The white film he had diminished, but it's still a bit noticeable. I really prefer putting up videos of him because this little rascal just won't stand still, specially if I get close to the tank - he starts begging for food and looking for it on the bottom... lol Do you think I should do another dip tomorrow just in case?
  17. Thanks Alex, we'll have to wait and see what happens... Though I think the MM made him start to swim sideways again (he was swimming straight on the veggie diet), so maybe once he's done... (fins crossed) He's currently on day 7 of MM.
  18. Quick update.... Goldy's back to bottom sitting, I even caught him sitting on his side for a couple of seconds! This happened right after his MM feeding... Here's a video of his general behavior right now: Water params: ammonia 0, nitrites 0.5, nitrate 0-5ppm. I'm doing a 75% w/c as I type... I'm not sure why he's gone back like this , he was making such good progress. The prazi has shipped but I think it's going to come in sometime late next week. Anything I can do for the little guy?
  19. Thanks again Alex, I was worried because I was talking about my 20gallon tank in which Goldy's in and it only has one filter. The filter has a biowheel which I did not rinse at all, left it in the tank water - but the wheel looks almost new (not brown or colored like it should by now, as opposed to how the filter cartridge looked). About the w/c that will definitely make my life easier! I was just worried that the goldies would be harmed by the chlorine while the Prime kicked in... I feel a lot better now and will do this from now on when doing smaller w/c. You guys are great, and a big help - replying so fast too! I just decided to become a subscriber, this forum has been a life saver for me (or should I say my goldies... lol) and I want to give something in return!
  20. Hi everyone! I have 2 questions on stuff I'm really confused about... 1. Do I kill off my cycle if I clean (rinse) my filter media in clean water that's been conditioned with Prime? I'm kind of freaked now because I just did that and my tank is not fully cycled yet... I also did a 100% w/c because of 1.0ppm nitrites so it may make things worse... My tank is not yet fully cycled but it has been producing nitrates for over a week and nitrites have been peaking (reached 5ppm overnight once!) for like 4-5 days. It is because of this I've been doing huge w/c, and in one of them took a look at the filter cartridge (Penguin 150) and was very alarmed by the amount of nasty stuff it had in there (it had never been cleaned, and it's been running for 6 weeks), so I decided to rinse it in clean water conditioned with Prime. Did I just set things back for me? 2. Can I leave my fish in the tank while adding back new water with a water changer if I add Prime? I've been doing water changes with a water changer, but I always remove my goldfish before I add back the new water. Guess I'm scared that even if I add enough Prime to treat the whole tank to what little water they have left in there, that the chlorine might still harm them. Does Prime work that fast that I can just add some to the remaining water and the new one will be fish safe immediately? Also I like the water to sit a little and have temperature match the previous temperature, just in case... I appreciate your help as always...
  21. Ok, so I did the dip (with tank water same temp/ph) and he seemed a little freaked out at first - even stunned for a few seconds and immediately tilted sideways, scared me half to death too. I was about to remove him when my dog barked and kind of woke Jacob up, so he started moving around and didn't tip over again at all - he stayed for the whole 5 minutes in the dip. He's been in the holding tank for an hour now and looks ok, at first he just dropped to the bottom for a few minutes though. He's not as active as usual but he's swimming around the tank (extra 20 gallon I had empty, and placed him in with a whisper 40 air pump), kind of disoriented I guess. He is swimming to the top a lot, looks a little like gasping - could this be because of the salt dip? The tank is well aerated so I doubt it's lack of oxygen, the holding tank also had matched temp/ph. I'm kind of curious as to what the dip treats... Is it for parasite removal? Thanks again Alex! Will update again soon... edit: typo
  22. Hi again... Back to posting about Jacob my black moor, salt didn't really do mich about the white film... Also I just noticed he's shedding one or two scales and has a whitr marking on his tail! I'm really worried even though he's as active as ever... Here are some pics and a video: http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g263/krystalpr/ab103fa0.mp4
  23. Updating again... Regarding water quality: Nitrites are killing me! lol Been doing twice a day 100% w/c...! Levels go up to 1ppm overnight even with the previous 100% change (I add double prime dose just in case)! I hope nitrates start peaking soon - right now I'm at 5-10ppm, ammonia 0. Goldy: He's been acting a lot better today, I think the 100% w/c and the MM are helping him a lot... I've noticed he now goes and swims about around the tank, he goes back to bottom sitting on his little corner after a while - but at least he's moving out of there! He's a very shy little guy, so when he doesn't see me he will roam around and try to look for more food through the gravel - that's a big progress so far...! Also he's fetching food on his own again, although I suspect he gets a little lazy when he's starting to fill up by the 4-5th pellet so I still have to put my hand in there or the MM will get lost between the gravel He's back to swimming sideways though, the MM make him kind of floaty, the veggie diet had really helped him out last time - will do that again after finishing the MM round (will combine peas/green beans with jump start pellets and see what happens). Here's a video: BTW I ordered the PraziPro last night and was sent an e-mail that it had shipped today, I expect it should arrive either on Saturday or Monday. Ordered the 4oz bottle, will that be enough? Thanks!
  24. Amazon doesn't ship pet related products to PR - but I saw some on ebay. So it can wait until the medication gets here? I called 5 LFS and none of them carry prazi...
  25. Thanks Alex... Should I try to get a brand in particular? I could go to PetSmart or my LFS, but sadly PetSmart is usually better stocked - LFS doesn't even carry Seachem products! So do you think there's something I could find at PetSmart that might work? Or could it wait for an order from GoldfishConnection?
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