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  1. Goldy's soon to be bare-bottom tank is on its way! I really like that he doesn't touch the filter intake anymore, I just hope he doesn't "redecorate" his little corner back to a gravel bed... lol I did take out 2 cups instead of 1 today... I have 25lbs of gravel in there... and I really wanted to make some room for his corner to be barebottom - I added Stability... Hope it doesn't create a cycle bump... I'll do this every other day as suggested - and as soon as I get my Aqueon Quiet Flow 30 (for my QT tank, only for temporary use), I'll rehome my other penguin 150 into Goldy's tank and add the biomax into the filters to house more BB.
  2. Will do! I'll be doing 80% w/c every 2-3 days for a couple of weeks to see if it helps him... And JumpStart it is for him now, and his veggies of course....
  3. Hi again! Tomorrow will be Goldy's last MM day! Some more questions 1. a) I had bought Jump Start with the MM, should I start feeding him these after the last MM dose? b) Do I have to dose them like MM or is it the basic as much as he can eat in 1-2mins? c) Also for how long should I feed him JumpStart? 2. Should I do the Prazi rounds with him? He's never been treated for flukes (didn't go through QT, he was my first goldfish and I didn't know about koko's or qt procedure back then). 3. What about adding salt? I keep looking at that thing on his tail and now noticed he's lost a couple of scales over that area, it also looks a bit bloody. It's exactly where his tail touches the filter's tip when he bottom sits in his little corner... I'll remove the cup of gravel from his corner tonight so that he'll be lower than he is now and maybe doesn't brush up against it anymore...
  4. Hi koko, if you still have them - I'll take them for my penguin 350's PM me how much and where to send you the money through paypal.
  5. Thank Alex I have a couple of more questions: Now that my tank is *finally* cycled (after 49 LONG days!): 1. What kind of WC schedule do you recommend? And how much should I change? 2. I want to eliminate all of the gravel in the tank, but am afraid to create a cycle bump, how could I go about doing this? Regarding Goldy: 3. Would a breeder basket keep him locked up? I wouldn't want him to be immobilized or too space constricted... He does swim a bit and follows my hand begging for food whenever I put it in, I've seen him occasionally play with the bubbles.
  6. Just wanted to add that I had a horrible time cycling my first tank, tried using Stress Zyme, it took 3 weeks for the first nitrites to appear and ammonia to be at safe levels! So for my 2nd tank, my 60g, I decided to give Stability a try- within a week ammonia was at 0! Nitrites are a bit of a pain still at 18 days but it certainly has sped up what seemed like an eternal process on my 20g tank! I now always keep a bottle on hand and add 5ml per 20g after each big w/c. I can't guarantee it was Stability that made things easier on my other tank, but I definitely think it helped. So from me to SeaChem.
  7. So it's been 4 days since last we spoke and all levels are at 0.... oddly even nitrate seem closer to 0 than to 5...! (Can 2 stems of anacharis do that to nitrate, there's only 2 - and not in the best of shape) So dare I say it??? I actually believe it finally cycled! Tomorrow will be a week since the last w/c, so I'll do a 75% w/c then. On another note Goldy has 2 more MM days (for 21 day course) and I just noticed a new symptom: He has this small whitish bump on his lower back - just before his tail fin begins, I saw a white marking a couple of days ago and thought he might've hurt himself with the filter so I ignored it. Tonight the skin looks a bit raised and it looks like it has a little blood markings.... What can cause this? What should I do? He's still bottom sitting, only does an occasional swim around the tank when he sees me to beg for food Here are 2 pics:
  8. Thanks Koko and thanks Alex! I haven't started the prazi rounds because I'm starting on day 4 of 0.3% salt. Just did a 100% w/c and replaced salt to 0.3%. Oddly enough, today her eye looks a bit clearer... I'll keep watching it though Here's a pic: Should I still do the melafix when the 0.3% salt week is done? How much should I add for my 20g and how long before I remove it? Can the tank be salted to 0.1% while on melafix?
  9. Do as tithra suggested! Here we go again... Not sure if I should create a new topic to ask this but I'm starting to think I either have bad luck or fish hypochondriasis... lol Anyways I just noticed my new baby looks like her right eye is a bit cloudy. I hadn't noticed it before, don't know if it's new - but it's there. The only way to notice the cloudiness is from the front, don't know if it's normal or not... She's been at 0.3% salt since last night (Saturday). Will salt be enough if it is cloudy eye? I also got some melafix the other day because I saw a recommendation that I should keep it in stock just in case. Oh and water params area 0.25ppm ammonia and 0ppm everything else (added prime and stability). Here are some pics, kind of blurry sorry Frontal view View of the right eye from the side - looks normal that way, you can only see the cloudiness when she swims towards you. Thanks!
  10. Thanks so much! You've opened my mind.... lol Will get some biomax media tomorrow!!!
  11. LOL I keep bugging you... It could be physical, maybe I should lower the tank's water level a bit - I've seen him hit the filter a couple of times (the part that releases water back in to the tank, it has some pointy corners now that I look at it). The scale that I had noticed hanging, fell out after that huge water change last night. He struggled and might've scraped against the sand because of the little water left in the tank. Come to think of it, it isn't the first time I've drained the tank that low - so maybe that's been doing it. If I understand correctly I don't have to do anything different even if it is myxosporidia? I'm doing w/c every other day anyways because of the evil nitrite peaks... Another question - do scales grow back??? Will adding Stress Coat+ help at all?? ( I know I shouldn't, but not to create a second post - would stress coat help my qt lionhead's tail?) Sooo Thanks again... Maybe I should just inbox a daily thanks card through pm for all your counseling... lol Feel free to contact me if you ever have any *human* drug related questions, so I can repay the favor... LOL
  12. I have a 700gph going on in my 60g tank (2 penguins 350) and will have 300gph in my 20g (2 penguins 150, currently have only one running because the new one I'd bought as extra filtration for my 20g is being used in my QT)...Think I'll be ok?
  13. Test Results for the Following: * Ammonia Level 0ppm * Nitrite Level .25ppm * Nitrate level 0-5ppm * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 8.0 * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 8.2 Other Required Info: * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? Api * Water temperature? 85F * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 60 gals 2 weeks * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? 2 Penguin 350's * How often do you change the water and how much? Lately everyother day - 80-90% (nitrite peaks) * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change?Last night, 90% * How many fish in the tank and their size? 2 young ones, less than 3" long * What kind of water additives or conditioners? Prime, Neutral Regulator, Stability, Salt 1 tsp/5g * What do you feed your fish and how often? progold, one pinch twice a day * Any new fish added to the tank? no * Any medications added to the tank? no, just salt * List previous issues experienced (dropsy, SBD, etc.) none * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. Salt for nitrite toxicity prevention. * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? Some scales are missing, saw one fall out last night during the waterchange * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? Nope, acting fine Hi again, It seems like my redcap Einstein is losing a lot of his scales... It's not new though - I didn't pay any attention before because I thought it was due to a previous injury. When I got him he was missing a couple of scales already. Yesterday I saw one hanging from him, and then I noticed he was now missing quite a few more. He's very active and loves playing in the bubble stream and sometimes gets bumped into the filter due to the current - could it just be injury? Could he be sick? He's acting and eating fine, a little dominant over Ponyo, a larger lionhead that shares the tank with him. Here are some pics, they're not very good because the little bugger just won't stand still! lol Videos: Closeup If you watch this one in HD 720p you can kind of see what I'm talking about, specially towards the end. How he behaves normally - or I should say when I get near the tank... As usual, thanks for your help guys!
  14. :doh11: :doh11: :doh11: LOL thanks Alex.... ok now why didn't I think of that, it actually seems kind of obvious... I have some filter padding already, I will get some floss and biomedia tomorrow! Do you recommend the plastic or the ceramic kind? Also will it affect my filter's GPH?
  15. Hi everyone! I have a question, because I just learned that I could've been using media in my HOB Marineland Penguins instead of their cartridges . Tithra kindly sent me a link that showed me how to prepare the filter. I want to know how, and IF I can do it at this point without removing my cycle. I have 3 tanks right now - my 20g QT, my main 60g tank and my 20g hospital tank. They all run on Marineland's penguin biowheel filters with regular cartridges - except for the QT where I just cut out a piece of filter pad and placed it where a cartridge would go so as to be able to add the prazi and not lose it to carbon. The "hospital" tank is my original tank, so it's the oldest I have - and I believe it to have finally gotten cycled (testing without changing water for 5 days to prove it, so far all params are 0ppm, except for nitrate (a little closer to 5ppm). My 60g is on the nitrite peak stage, doing daily to every other day w/c to help with that, but it's half way through I think... So I think it would be unhealthy to remove my cartridges right now, unless there is a way to remove the cartridge or use it to seed my media without getting a cycle bump... Any idea of how could I go about doing this? Also - would adding media to my filter, since it's not designed to carry it, affect its filtration power (GPH filtration)???? I really wouldn't want that... Thanks for helping
  16. I dont't have any media in my cycled tank I have marineland filters so they only have that biowheel. I was wondering if I could add somr bioballs or ceramic to my penguin filters. I could transfer the filter pad but my tank just cycled this week so I'm not sure I should switch pads. Also my filter pad has carbon in it (7 week old carbon mind you, but still carbon) the qt filter doesn't have anything in it (regular carbon free filter pad). I'm aware about salt and ammonia so I've beeen adding double prime and plan on doing w/c every other day. Ammonia is now at 0.25ppm.
  17. Will do, just 6 more MM days then... I'll keep feeding him peas just in case, don't want him all constipated again... And I will kiss that filter's biowheel if water params remain like this for the next 4 days....! LOL Will I be able to have a social life again, will I be able to sleep at night??? Will I be able to sit in front of my fish and just ENJOY them, instead of doing constant huge w/c...??? LOL Well it's a small victory because I now have a 20g quarantine tank... Sooo I'd still need to do every other day w/c on it! Loving my babies though
  18. Wow! Beautiful... Love the driftwood and the anubias!
  19. Thanks for the support Alex, he isn't going anywhere - I won't stand by it.... Should I continue the peas and MM? For how long? Also I have a quick question regarding his tank's cycle... I last did a 100% waterchange 2 days ago and for the past 2 days I've been getting 0ppm readings on ammonia, nitrite and maybe 0-5ppm nitrate... Does this mean his tank is finally cycled? Have I actually achieved the mythical cycle??? lol I did test the 60g tank and the values were very different - the 60g is going through nitrite peaks now just did a 90% w/c because nitrites were at 2-5ppm! Can I relax and just do 75% w/c bi-weekly - weekly now with Goldy's tank?
  20. Oh no! Goldy's back to bottom sitting! I guess he's less constipated now and probably less floaty with all those peas and epsom salt - so he's free to bottom sit again... I can't help but feel a little frustrated and sad for the little guy.... Here's a pic and a video: Hubby keeps telling me it's time to let him go - I DON'T want to, I kind of feel like I can do more for him - even if its just accommodating him to his lifestyle...
  21. Hi everyone! Just got a new younling The employee at my LFS said that it was ranchu, I think it looks more like a lionhead - but maybe it's a lionchu? What do you guys think? BTW he/she hasn't been named yet! Hubby calls him Clearance because my LFS was clearing out their goldfish for a new shipment they have coming in next week and had this little beauty at 60% off I'm not to fond of that name LOL So I need name ideas... Please suggest a couple Thanks for looking guys! Here are the pics: Video: Thanks for looking!
  22. Thanks Angel! I think you might be right... looks more like a lionhead than a ranchu... Will post more pics to see if others agree...
  23. Thanks as usual Alex! I'm so relieved... Tithra suggested to salt his tank at 0.3% for a week and then start the rounds with prazi at 0.1%... What do you think? Can I start him off with prazi right away or do you think I should wait and follow what Tithra suggested? The tank is a completely new setup just for qt so no cycle whatsoever here, the filter is out of the box... Should I add some gravel from my other 20g in a media bag - or since waterchanges will be so frequent and prime dose will be double - it won't really be necessary?
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