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  1. So Goldy's not swallowing too much if anything at all how do I syringe feed MM?
  2. No I don't... I think I should get new hoses for the canister, just noticed there seems to be some kind of sludge looking thing growing on them!
  3. Oh No! Now another one of my babies is sick! This time it's Goldy my oranda (he had a previous near death illness a year ago and the presentation is very similar to today's). He's pineconing a bit and was laying sideways on the tank's bottom. I can't do it until the weekend but I decided to do a full tank cleaning (filter medias and rinsing all of the tank's sand). I do 75-100% w/c weekly - but its been a while since I've done a full on substrate cleaning (other than surface vacuuming). Checked levels and all was ok: ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 0-10. I'm starting to worry I've got something bad in my main tank... Anyways I can't setup a second qt tank until tomorrow so I put him in with Clarence after weighing him in at 64g. Tried feeding MM but he kept spitting them out - probably only ate like 4 pellets out of the 10 I gave him Will setup second QT tomorrow and probably will have to syringe feed him if he doesn't want to eat he takes the pellets but spits them out after a few seconds... Here he is floating around the qt tank PS Clarence is great - shedding some of his scales were the big lump was, but looking great otherwise.
  4. Hi everyone! Just wanted to update you on Clarence's progress - things are going great! He's swimming normally again and looks a whole lot better He's still a little pineconed but a little less everyday. I'm doing 100% w/c every other day. He's been on MM for 4 days now - will finish the 14 day cycle...
  5. Hi everyone! Clarence is starting to look a lot better now the lump on his right side has shrinked some and he is now swimming normally! The pineconing is still there but less marked than a couple of nights ago... Here's a video of him today:
  6. Yay! MM arrived Clarence already ate up his first dose - he'll be getting 29 pellets daily... He ate 10 of those tonight already! Pineconing is still there - I've seen no difference with the epsom salt in... Here are some more pics and a video of him eating his last pellets (he was almost full when I decided to take a video) and swimming.
  7. Hi everyone! Today's update: the redness has diminished a lot - still there but not as intense as the other night... Clarence is a fighter - he's eating all of his gel food and moving around a lot more - within his current movement capabilities that is... No MM yet - crossing my fingers so maybe when I get home from work they're here.
  8. Thanks Tithra... Already ate his first dose... He goes crazy over his repashy... Next feeding will be tomorrow - lets see how he's doing in the morning... W/C due tomorrow - will update with pics
  9. Ok so I made a batch of 50g of food with 500mg of metro inside. I weighed Clarence in at 58g so ~0.5-0.6g daily feedings of metro gel food for the little guy... I think I hurt him a bit while moving him to be weighed - wiggled a lot while being transferred Hopefully the redness will go away...
  10. I do - the tablets are 500mg - I'll do the math How much should I feed him once its done?
  11. Adding epsom salt right now! Thanks so much tithra for all your help - it's very stressful watching him blow up like that He's always been such a fun and active little guy!
  12. I forgot to say he's a big food hog - he's still got his appetite untouched *thankfully*
  13. I only have a notice that the mm shipped on tuesday. I think they should be here hopefully by Saturday, Monday at the latest. I do have some Metro pills and repashy is the only thing my goldies eat... What are the instructions to follow to prepare medicated food with repashy? I have metro dissolved in the water right now - can I add epsom salt? How much for the 10g qt?
  14. The only thing I've noticed is that his eye looks a little better but that's it so far... My little guy is pineconing a little more every day
  15. Dissolve it, and add 200 mg per 10 gallons. Do 100% WC every two days and redose. Hopefully the MMs will come sooner rather than later. Thanks Alex you're always a life saver
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