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  1. Why are the strips so bad? I really don't use them often at all except when there's something wrong, so I never really thought to buy something high priced. He seems to be doing a lot better now. He's up and around and hasn't really sat on the bottom of the tank much. Should I still take all the water out? I won't use the algae stuff anymore. Thank you for telling me about that. I had no idea!
  2. I thought I answered most of those questions already. 16 gallons is the main tank. There is just 1 goldfish in the tank. Yes he is eating. I haven't seen his poop recently. He usually poops in the afternoon so I won't be able to tell you until later. Basically his behavior is laying on the bottom, then he'll go swim around for a little bit every 10 minutes or so, but mostly he just lays on the bottom and breathes slowly. It would be a hassle to get a video up but I could do it if you REALLY need it. Thank you for the quick reply.
  3. Hey guys! I've posted on this forum before about my other goldfish who unfortunately didn't make it. He had rips and tears in all of his fins and eventually died no matter how much we tried to help. This goldfish also had some rips in his fins, but he eventually recovered. We also had to cure him of ick too a few days after we got him, so he's a fighter. He's just a little 15 cent feeder fish, but we've grown quite attached. Anyway, this just started yesterday after I did an algae cleaning in the tank to get all the gunk off the walls, then I put some anti-algae stuff in the tank (like I've done a hundred times before). Maybe a few hours later he started getting very lethargic and by last night he was just resting on the bottom of the tank and wouldn't get up, which he never does. I put some salt in the tank and he pepped up for a bit, but then went back down. This morning he was lying on the bottom again and wouldn't get up when I turned the light on or opened the lid. I put some food in there and he went after it and swam around a bit, but now his default position seems to be lying on the bottom. Now he'll get up and swim around every once in awhile, but he won't stay up. His dorsal fin is down, but that's not highly unusual for him. There is nothing visibly wrong with the fish. He looks absolutely healthy, so I don't think any pictures would help. I've done nothing out of the ordinary other than the algae cleaning, but I usually do that once ever couple weeks. Here's some info: Tank size: 16 gallons (I put 12 tablespoons of pickling salt in yesterday) Filter Brand: Aqua Clear 30 -Change water every 2 weeks or so, just did a water change last weekend. -Just 1 fish in the tank. -I feed him Tetra goldfish flakes every morning. -He has survived ick and torn fins -He is roughly 2 years old (both of our other goldfish of the same kind only made it 2 years as well) Tank water info: Nitrite: 0-0.5 (hard to read) Nitrate: 0-20 (hard to read) PH: 6.5 GH: 180 KH: 240 Also, like I said, yesterday I put in 40 drops of API Algaefix and then 12 tablespoons of pickling salt later in the evening. I use API 5 in 1 aquarium test strips. No I don't have the liquid measuring test kit thing and I really can't afford it right now.
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