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  1. Hello everyone I want to thank all of you for your advise. Sadly I cannot upgrade right now due to space, but I am still working on it so hopefully I will be able to soon. I wanted to let you know that I added a few new decorations to make some hiding places and it worked great. Now they have a place to hide when they get chased and the bully loses interest. This is only a temporary fix, and hopefully I will be able to get them a bigger home soon. Thank you again for the help
  2. @AnnaMNR I'm going to do my best at upgrading to a larger tank over the weekend. Thanks!
  3. @shakaho They have gotten bigger. I'll try my best to, I can try to over the weekend.
  4. @ShawneeRiver - Yes, I have several plants for them to hide in.
  5. Yes, all but one are male. My female has already laid eggs in June and it was worse then(which I expected), and I tried reintroducing them a few week after she stopped laying eggs but they didn't let up.
  6. Hello everyone I've been having a problem for a while which is two of my four fancy goldfish are overly aggressive. Right now I have my 55gal tank separated into three sections with nets. I hate how it makes my tank look but I can't leave all four together because I worry for their safety. One of the two causing trouble is Nick, a black moor. He use to torment all of my fish until I separated them. About a month later my pearl scale started to do the same thing to my other two, Jimmy (an oranda) and Callisto (a demikin), and they were battered. After they were separated for about a month I tried to re-introduce them together, but nothing had changed. I was hoping someone had a better solution than just separating them. I don't want to have to get rid of Nick or Toby but I feel bad for all of them because they don't have as much room as I wish they did to swim . Thank you for your time. -Ashlie (P.S. - I have monitored all the levels of the tank and none of them show any problem. Also I have had all of my fish over a year, and they have been separated for about a month, Nick about two. All but Callisto are male)
  7. * Ammonia Level-0.5 * Nitrite Level-0 * Nitrate level-0 * Ph Level, Tank-7.6 And I used tap water.
  8. I'm sad to say all but one of them died. The small orange one lived and is doing great now. I'm still unsure what was wrong. I have had the 55gal running with Prime added since Sunday night. . How long should I let it run before it is safe to move him back? Thank you again for all your help.
  9. Yes my R/O system does remove chlorines and chloramines. I will be sure to buy Prime. Thanks
  10. Thank you both so much. I will drain the 55gal right now and fill it with tap water. And I will buy the chemicals recommended for the QT tank. Do I need to add any chemicals to the tap water after I refill the tank. And what should I add to lower the ammonia. Thank you both again
  11. No it dosn't have a sulfer smell, it just smells like lake water, kinda like dirt and fish. I just assumed this ment it was not clean enough for the fish tank but maybe it would be better for them.
  12. I will deffently go buy some of the products that you have recommended asap. Should I also add it to the QT tank?
  13. here are the levels of the tap water... Ph - 7.6 ammonia- .5 nitrite- 0 nitrate - 0 I had assumed the water levels were worse than this because of the foul taste and smell, but it turns out its not to bad.
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