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  1. Yeah I won't buy a fluval again unless its the fx series. The 405 I've had for 6-7 years and replaced the impeller and impeller cover twice. The impeller cover rubber sheath tends to expand and warp. I think from heat. Not terrible- but the eheim 2217 I got used has been totally trouble free and it was used on a salt tank for years before I took ownership. In fact the tank silicone failed years ago and the eheim is still running strong.
  2. Uh because I already bought an eheim? I looked into sun sun and people have had trouble with the rubber gasket drying out and leaking. And everyone agrees the spray bar and intake are very cheap plastic prone to breakage. For the extra money Id rather the comfort of knowing I won't destroy my neighbors ceiling to save 40 bucks.
  3. I just got a brand new eheim 2217 and wondering if I'd be better off putting this filter on my 55 gallon planted tank which has a very low bioload? I'd then put the fluval 405 that was on the planted tank onto the Goldie 55 galloner. I tend to value low maintenance over crystal clear water. I don't use carbon on any tanks either. But this new 2217 has a lot of layers. I'm thinking bio balls in the bottom of the 2217 for either tank.
  4. Problem: The hose tends to kink after rolling it up. Solution: cut the hose in the middle and put in a double ended brass barb coupling. Then when you roll it up- just seperate the 2 halves so the hose doesn't kink so easy. The only thing to be aware of is that if you tend to kink the hose when filling to cut water output as you run to another tank or back to the sink- the accumulated pressure will blow the hose off at the barb. Ask me how I know!
  5. Ordered an eheim 2217. I'm familiar with it and its bulletproof- just a pain to prime when I strip and clean the hoses. Thanks all for helping me dial in my set-up.
  6. If I avow to change more water more frequently and remove some gravel and remove my driftwood - Can I please get recommendations in easy to service non clogging bio media/filter combos? I'm pretty well resolved on ditching these aquaclears. I bought them used from a seller who had them on his salt tank. They looked almost new and claimed to be 8 mos old. 1 had a noisy impeller so I got 2 new ones, dabbed em with Vaseline and reassembled. One was quiet, the other slightly noisy. 3 months later I scrubbed and reassembled again with petroleum jelly and they have been progressively clacking away ever since. Yesterday I rebuilt them and when I came home the tanks looked much better. Then hours later one then the other started clacking away. I've had them in the past and same issues repeatedly... Quieter with covers off even new? Ill pass!! So can I PLEASE get a recommendation on an easy to service filter and media combo that is least likely to clog? I don't need sparkling polished water- just relatively clear. Thanks!
  7. No other media. I have some purigen I could try. Expensive stuff - don't know why I bought it!
  8. Also: I've tried leaving the sponges in, taking them out and using bio balls hoping to trap more... And what's with the sponges causing the grey plastic "baskets" to float up? This happens even after all air is forced out of the sponge. I can't keep the lids on- just a pet peeve (no pun intended). If they worked I wouldn't care.
  9. Oops- they are aqua clear 70s. I have 2" of gravel with a few amazon swords, driftwood, frogbit, salvinia and duckweed. The gravel is a mix of Eco complete, aquatic soil and calcium carbonate (crushed seashell). Lately all the plants are looking bad. I think it's the heat. The pH is 7.2ish. Maybe higher (7.4) I think the driftwood holds me back when gravel siphoning. And feeding a whole zucchini one a week to my plecos isn't helping matters I'm sure. Plus the frogbit, duckweed and salvinia the goldie's eat.
  10. Change water 30-35% every 1.5-2 weeks w/siphon. Intakes are about 4-5" from bottom.
  11. I've got a 55gal with 2 goldfish and 2 pleccos. The tank is disgusting. I have 2 aquaclear 50s and the water is perpetually cloudy and the bottom has a significant amount of waste sitting on it until I siphon. Can anyone recommend a good filter? I have experience with older eheims (2217) and older fluvals (405). The fluvals always melted impeller covers. The eheim is good but not easy to prime. I need a combination of filter and media that won't clog and require a tear down every month. I saw a magnum 350 by marineland that looks like a good filter but think the pleated paper filter will clog readily. (And they are $10-15 each to replace). Any suggestions?
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