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  1. He's such a cutie, saw the photo's on tumblr he looks like a chill fish. That red on him is a amazing shade I have to say!
  2. Thank you everyone <3 I'm planning to take quick videos every 2-3 days and photos fairly often to see if he gets any colour changes and such, seeing he's still little so you never know, from my pictures I think he's getting a tiny bit more black from when I first got him. If I get a bigger tank I'll probably get a Korra or Amon for these guys :') but right now I'll stick with two, not sure where we'd put another tank at the moment! Asami's a calico like this guy, not sure if she looks any different to when I last saw her, it's been a while since I've had a chance to visit her at my friends. She's about ready to get back anyway <3 I can't wait to see him get bigger, he looks so tiny on his own in the tank right now! Be interested to see how his wen grows in as well!
  3. Yep :'), it happened after my friends tradition of using Chinese names for hers, I found Bolin in a list and it went from there. Thank you! ^^
  4. This is my little lionhead I got from Starlight Fisheries, he/she's 4 months old now and keeping to my theme of Avatar names I went with Tahno, no idea if it's a boy or a girl but I love it non the less. Doesn't eat my plants just rips them up, wouldn't mind if they ate it! Anyway today I got some pictures, they aren't the best because he doesn't keep still and I'm not 100% perfect with settings yet. Since I got him/her they've been eating from my hand, swimming into my hand when I'm trying to measure them via hand and keep nibbling me when I clean the tank and they've grown roughly 1/2 an inch since I got them. My Ryukin Asami is still at my friends house, need to get her back soon because it's been two months quarantine for her. I never expected to have two calico's, seeing they aren't my usual colour but there you go!)
  5. Aww she's a cutie, I'd guess her as a lionhead lovely colours!
  6. I always have to resist pearlscales going to stores, or did, the best LFS for goldfish has stopped for a couple months after he got sent a very ill batch and they died, shame because he got the most beautiful blue orandas in and the prettiest pearl scales. He's a very pretty fish either way, I can't really tell if he's a fantail or ryukin. His hump is a little less extreme than mine and my friends calico's (they where labeled ryukin at least) so I suppose it's just a case of time will tell on him.
  7. That's max size I believe in the wild, the largest that's ever been scientifically measured was only 4 inches so they'll probably stay around the 3-4 inch mark . Jawfish are my favorites out of the marines, I really adore them! Blue spotted are a particular favorite, though costly, especially in the UK (I was estimated £200 somewhere for one) I believe recommendations for them is deep sand bed mixed with rubble to make a base, or you can make them a home with pvc pipes and a barnacle, minimum for one is 20 gallons of space and at max you can have a pair so you could do that? They're very chill fish and I got recommended to put them in first releasing near the home you've made for them (if you have made one of course!). I believe the most they do is chase intruders a couple inches away or spit sand at them. Heard they breed happily in aquariums as well, mouth brooders which is pretty interesting.
  8. You can mix the two colours the false perculas clowns are the calmest of the clowns and usually take to that really well, though it's also commonly done with perculas (I can't remember which of the two gets different colours most from the top of my head). 6 lines are generally the 'bullies' of the wrasse world, most of the lined types are moody. I'd look into all the fairy wrasses, peaceful and lovely to look at. On the lungfish all I can see online are these huge freshwater fish, I've never heard of a marine one before.
  9. I've noticed most people on here feed their bettas hikari food? It's not available normally in the stores where I go so I bought Atisons, other sites seem to rate it well? I found personally it seemed to be beneficial or my betta, I fed via instructions no more than 7 mini pellets twice a day (it was normally about 5, that betta was more than a little greedy) and he really grew and brightened up compared to when he bought him. I'm just curious as to whether it was just him getting older or if the food did help him?
  10. You where told wrasse eat invertebrates? I've heard it's something like 1 in 50 or such that does that but obviously any wrasse can still be a risk at that number. My wrasse loves to get cleaned by my shrimp and stuff, I suppose it's one of those things that ranges. (like angels, some will decimate your coral and some wont be interested) Seeing my wrasse is a complete sweet heart despite being a type a few people have had issues with (lebouti wrasse) and never caused me trouble. You looking at the true/false percula clowns in the typical orange or some of the other colours? The black and whites are surprisingly striking against your corals and such though I think it's down to preference. I like the watchmen gobies, lovely colours and shades on them, : D
  11. I love hawkfish, pretty amusing to watch them perch. With that wrasse, I'd definitely make it the last one you put in so the others are established, I've heard they're very unwelcoming to newer fish. What sort of goby are you looking at? My research said they generally should be in pairs at most though I've seen people have three in a tank. I like the firefish but they're really shy, I didn't see mine in my 20gal for about 4 months. I've heard the yellow eyed tang should be okay in a 55 gallon and it's very peaceful, not sure how hard they are to get though (I've never seen one in the local stores, though they'll only get in stock what people buy, but they'll happily get whatever you want if you ask and it's available from the supplier)
  12. I find when you get the hang of marine fish you have less of them dying in the end, though it very much in a practice thing. Blennies are also interesting fish, though I'd warn against a Starry Blennie if it'll end up being the biggest fish in the tank, I had to remove mine because he became very aggressive :/
  13. they said it was a <something> tang. based on google image search it looks similar to a naso tang but i don't think that was right. grey mostly. was about 8" long and they said he was 7 years old and would get as big as 2 foot! so i can't get that species, too big. but i'll check out the fish you mentioned =) thanks! cool, thanks =) Hmm my assumption about him would be a powder blue or brown or it may have been a blonde naso? I'm not sure. Tangs I find need loads and loads of space, when they stress they get ick really easy!
  14. Thanks for the lovely comments! He's got a great little personality on him so far, still a bit shy but he's quickly learnt I'm the food giver so I'm sure he'll warm up in time!
  15. I'd love to take them for you, but I live over in the Wirral so it might be too great a distance from looking over at the map. I'll have a talk with my mother over it, seeing it's her house to judge what stays here! Either way I am sure you'll find a good home for them!
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