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  1. My mum will be happy with the compliments, they are her babies lol Bubbles22 I'm not quite sure but I can tell you they are outgrowing their tank again, and they are just over a year old. I'd say Ollie was about 7" maybe.
  2. These are my mums goldfish, Jubes and Ollie. They were sold as misc oranda but obviously aren't! What do you guys think these are? Ollie has a hump but it it because he is so big? (he is massive). Ollie Ollie & Jubes
  3. Hi again, anna is showing no improvements but is still eating well so I'm not considering euthanizing her, does anyone have any more ideas or will I just try to make her as comfortable as possible? She has had one round of meds and 3. fluke treatments
  4. Hi Anna is still the same, no better but no worse. She seems quite active and very greedy, but will still plop on the bottom like shes exerted herself too much. I just got round to treating her with wormer plus today.
  5. Thanls, yes I stopped yesterday and she was treated for flukes once about a month ago, should I treaty again? (kusuri wormer plus) I'm sorry about my lack of updates.
  6. Sorry I meant haven't medicated her today, as today would be her 15th day.
  7. Hi, this is Annas 15th day, I haven't medicated her yet. She's still the same, no better but no worse. Should I continue with treatment?
  8. She's pretty much the same, spends most of her time bottom sitting but will swim around if I come close. She's eating fine, and yesterday I saw one solitary egg on a plant I had just put in there one hour before. I believe today is her 10th day on medication. I forgot to say that she now shares her tank with Noel my oranda, as soon as I took Anna out of the main tank my male Psi picked on her relentlessly and she was getting very stressed. I found her wedged between the filter and the glass with a torn tail. I simply don't have the time right now to set up another tank so I put her in with Anna and added some melafix. I should have asked on here first but I was literally home for 30 minutes yesterday and had to act fast. She is pretty much back to normal and her tail is 80% mended.
  9. Ok thanks, I haven't been able to give Anna the best of care lately as so much is going on and my gran is very ill. I'm doing my best for her though but I'm getting forgetful and confused with regards to the medication. Today is her 7th day of treatment, she is still bottom sitting but is showing no other signs of stress. I'll update again after 12 days, thanks so much!
  10. lol I hope that was the reason too! Should I finish giving her all the medicated food?
  11. Hi Stakos, the PH issue is a pain but the ph in the taps is back to normal and I've added coral to all my tanks to buffer so hopefully all will be ok. Anna is still bottom sitting but she's more active and is certainly not off her food, yesterday she spawned some eggs and I think she spawned today again. She certainly looks perkier so hopefully she's on the mend
  12. Hello. Each 1 gram chunk of food is enough for 2 days. Each day Anna should be fed 3-6 times, depending on your schedule. Basically just divide the piece into two, then feed the half for the day over several meals I forgot to mention the most of the pieces of medicated gel food should be frozen. You should only have about a 4 days supply of this thawed and in the fridge at any one time. Ah I see, thanks
  13. I'm starting to get frustrated now, I re-tested my tap PH from both my bathroom and kitchen taps, both were 7. Yesterday they were 7.8. We did have a massive storm through the night, I don't know if that had anything to do with it. I'm putting Anna in a qt tank as although she's poorly, she's still very feisty and trying to catch her was not fun, my arms are bruised because she knows where I can't reach! I made her food last night and it set through the night (2nd attempt anyway, first attempt was a disaster). Fantastic! Thank you! Make 25 grams of gel food, to which you should add 1 crushed metronidazole tablet. Once the gel sets, cut it into 25 equal pieces (1 gram each). Each piece is enough to feed for 2 days Can I just clarify something, each piece should last 2 days, should I feed her half each day or once every 2 days? And should I keep going until all 25 pieces are finished? I made a mistake, it's not a KH test kit I have it's a GH and it doesn't appear to be working as it didn't turn orange or green as the instructions said Thanks so much everyone for your help, and I'm sure if Anna could talk she'd thank you too
  14. Yes that's correct. I do have crushed coral but I wasn't sure if it would raise the ph any higher. Should I add some to raise it slightly so that my water changes aren't such a huge change of ph for my fish? I'm not sure if the tap water is a fluke so I'll check it again in the morning then maybe add some coral. I got all the ingredients for Annas food so I'm just about to go make some then I'll hunt out the GH test kit. Phew.
  15. Ok great thank you, should I put her in a qt tank for this? I'm just gonna head out to get the stuff I need from the store
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