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  1. try feeding lower protein diet Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  2. At last they have all returned to a fully cycled home. Hope they will love their new home.
  3. At the moment Nitrate is at 10. Yes 2 weeks ago there are lots of eggs. The brown algae disappeared all of a sudden.
  4. Thanks guys. We all want one, me included haha
  5. Params looking great. 0 amm, 0, nitrite, 10 nitrate. Wiped the algae from the glass. Just worried its already in the tubes n filters
  6. Thanks i will try that immediately. Are you referring to the blue filter pads?
  7. Does it mean i am the end or start of the cycle koko?
  8. Guys this morning I see some serious algae bloom. Is that something to worried about? Anything I Should do?
  9. Are you all in aussie? All in melbourne?
  10. How i wish i can do that! I will definitely find out how to air mail them. Hang on tight.
  11. Gorgeous city. Was actually there a month ago! I want to retire in Melbourne when the time comes. Went to Amazon to look at some fish. Great LFS.
  12. Will email you asap. Which part of aussie are you in?
  13. The goldies are lucky because i get to learn ALOT from this forum. If not for the mods here i am sure a lot more cute ones will be sick or even die. The LFS is also a great source of advise though not as comprehensive as our mods here We are lucky to have the LFS and i really believe they are experts. The fish they carry never failed to amaze us hence the frequent "urgent" trips haha Some of what they have.........drool.........
  14. Thank you oerba. The picture is not very clear so it's hard to make out the test results vials at the bottom right of the aquarium. It's a sera test kit not api. Hope it's cycled. Can't wait to get the other kids home.
  15. Sorry guys, it will take me some time to save for that tub
  16. We can airmail them to you captain ha ha ha. Do you prefer the black or white?
  17. You are right I am leaning towards above ground. It will be easier to hand feed the goldies. Since you mention it, the exterior really does look good. Didn't realize that, very good eyes
  18. That's the plan. Planning to use it for grooming and sun tanning the goldies. Nothing better than good old sun for great colors according to my LFS. Plus they are supposed to grow faster?
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