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  1. try feeding lower protein diet Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  2. At last they have all returned to a fully cycled home. Hope they will love their new home.
  3. At the moment Nitrate is at 10. Yes 2 weeks ago there are lots of eggs. The brown algae disappeared all of a sudden.
  4. Thanks guys. We all want one, me included haha
  5. Params looking great. 0 amm, 0, nitrite, 10 nitrate. Wiped the algae from the glass. Just worried its already in the tubes n filters
  6. Thanks i will try that immediately. Are you referring to the blue filter pads?
  7. Does it mean i am the end or start of the cycle koko?
  8. Guys this morning I see some serious algae bloom. Is that something to worried about? Anything I Should do?
  9. Are you all in aussie? All in melbourne?
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