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  1. RIP Blackie, may you swim beautifully again in fishy heaven. We love you and we will miss you.
  2. Thanks guys. Yes Blackie is a sweety, even more so now that she allows human contact (being hand-fed every morning). Still doing our best and crossing our fingers that whatever it is that is keeping her on her side heals soon.
  3. That's a sad thought (in case she does have a permanent injury) We'll keep going with the gelfood and water changes and I'll post another update in a week or so. Thanks again Alex.
  4. Hi Alex yes my daughter's taken it upon herself to do the daily hand-feed and it's very cute. Blackie used to be quite scared of humans (like any normal fish) but she knows which side her bread is buttered on now. We've been feeding her the medicated gelfood for 18 days now (since 21st June). Not really sure what sort of improvement we should see by now but she is quite "lively" and likes food...
  5. Embedding the video didn't seem to work: http://s1249.photobucket.com/albums/hh502/Agnes_Aldana/?action=view&current=df4f535c.mp4
  6. Video update of my daughter hand-feeding Blackie. She certainly likes her food... but is still unfortunately lying on her side http://s1249.photobucket.com/albums/hh502/Agnes_Aldana/?action=view&current=df4f535c.mp4
  7. Thanks Jenny! Blackie is still lying on her side She does have an appetite and continues to eat the gelfood. And she starts "waving" her fins when she sees people... which I hope is a good sign. Other than that I really hope she starts being upright soon as she is a sweetie and it breaks our hearts to just see her lying on her side when she used to swim so beautifully around the tank.
  8. Will continue with the daily water changes and gelfood for now. Thanks again Alex
  9. Hi Alex, I've done a 100% water change now. We'll continue to feed her the medicated gelfood and see how she goes. How long do you recommend continuing the gelfood for? Hi, thanks for asking after Blackie... she needs all the good wishes she can get! She's still lying on her side, poor baby
  10. Yes there is Epsom still. I actually started using it last 17th June so today will be her 8th day of treatment. Helen said I can't exceed 8 days. What do we do tomorrow? Do we just leave the existing Epsom in the water? Or pour it all out and do a 100% water change?
  11. Blackie still ate her gelfood. She looks pretty much the same as that photo I posted 22nd June. Looking at her she doesn't seem pineconed from some angles, and seems very slightly pineconed from others. She is active in terms of fin movement (we like to think of this as her "trying" to swim) but unfortunately is still on her side at the bottom of the bucket. Does this mean she has bad swim bladder as well?
  12. Got it...doing 100% water change now. I suppose we were just worried about "shocking" her but I guess dirty water is so much worse. Thanks Alex.
  13. Hey Alex Thanks for checking in. We did a 70% water change last night and the parameters this morning are: PH = 7.6 Ammonia = 0.5ppm Nitrite = 0.5ppm Nitrate = approx. 2-3ppm (not quite 0 but less than 5) We can't seem to get the Ammonia and Nitrites/Nitrates to 0 and am worried that if we do a full water change it will shock Blackie too much. As it is she probably is getting shocked by daily massive water changes.. Her appetite is quite good though. She is eating the prescribed amount of medicated gelfood (approx. 0.7 grams) every morning. As she is still on her side we are hand feeding her.
  14. Photo today. This is the best we could do in terms of trying to hold her upright:
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