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  1. Hey all, I have selected about 10 fish I'll use for breeding, and the rest of these babies will need homes. I'd prefer to find them homes near me (Portland, OR) but can travel. I go up to Seattle regularly and can meet someone halfway in OR or something. I travel a lot for my job each day and have weekends and evenings free. Please PM me or post here if you are interested! Thanks. Posted below are some example photos. The fish needing homes are younger/smaller than the fish pictured, but from the same parents with the same color development.
  2. It's been 6 months since I got these fish. I euthanized the blue ridge fish with the most extreme body after it developed swim bladder problems and flipped. The calico is still the runt with a small head, but they are all developing well and getting some size on. Here are some initial photos of the fish, and them yesterday. I should get their weights in as well. Comments and critiques welcome. All the fish aside from the red and white hamanishiki had fin flaws when I purchased them and are still present. Most improved! Red and white fish. 6 months ago. Yesterday. Tricolor fish. 6 months ago. Yesterday. Runty Calico. 6 months ago. Yesterday. Blue Calico. 6 months ago. Yesterday. And here is a new fish. This fish has really nice fins and shape, I'm hoping to prevent the same swim bladder issues present in the other very round fish. Everyone all together.
  3. It's ok, I just wanted to give credit where credit was due They are in 40gb tanks for now. I have two more empty 40s, a 30 and a 20 if needed depending on how many I keep. I also have room in my 125 when they are bigger. I see 5 of the larger ones that I really like and a few of the smaller ones, although its still hard to tell because they are so young.
  4. They probably are darker. I asked for the darkest fish he had. However, these could just be darker because they were in tanks with more light which he specified. It'll be interesting to learn if the fish that darken the fastest keep the color the best...or just the opposite - If they decolor to white or a lighter color.
  5. Thank you. Dayla - I have about 35 fry. 9 aged 3.5 months and 25 (I think) aged 7 weeks. Some I will be sending to Canada with a Canadian member so hopefully they'll get a chance to breed them up there. Another few will be going to a butterfly breeder in my area, and I will keep the best 8 or so to create a breeding program around.
  6. Hey folks! I'm sorry if my initial post was misleading, just wanted to be clear and say I did not breed these myself and can't take credit These are from a friend Matt. He and a few other people have been working with them from the imports. I purchased some to breed this line as well, but I can't take credit for these guys. Thanks for all the sweet comments though. I also love the colors.
  7. These are purple butterfly telescope fry bred from Dandy Orandas imports, they display the bluebelly scale type - both metallic in the center and nacreous around the edge of the scale. These fish have a beautiful lavender dove gray color. These fish are 3.5 months old, and 7 weeks old, respectively. 3.5 month old fry. 7 week fry. These fish start out light colored and darken with age.
  8. The calico ranchu passed and it looks like Bowie, the sakura is not far behind. It looks like she is going to split from the back.
  9. Thanks for your response. The other fish are not boated, just well fed I don't think it could hurt. I am concerned its a virus.
  10. My current plan if no one is able to help or has an idea of what's happening is epsom salt and kanaplex for the swollen ranchu, and paraguard or other intense parasite combatant for the main tank.
  11. I dont see how this is relevant to a wen injury on an otherwise healthy fish.to know the levels of the water in the quarantine . . . If she is putting the fish in QT and using water conditioner the levels will be zero. I don't want to argue it just seems added stress when we clearly know what the issue is and how to treat it has already been responded to.
  12. I dont see how this is relevant to a wen injury on an otherwise healthy fish.
  13. As an example, one of my ranchu swam close to the siphon and the netting to cover it had been moved over by accident, exposing just a bit of the open siphon end. My ranchus eye was pulled completely from the socket, hanging loose.. it was awful and traumatic. Somehow, the eye returned to its socket and normal position, although it has a cataract indicating she is blind in that eye. She suffers no long term effects, and I just used well aerated salted water, and time, to let her recover. The instinct is to meddle and "fix" the injury but the best way to go is to let it be.
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