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  1. Fluval FX5 sold , Everything else still available
  2. Oh dear , wonder who the momma is ? I think I will let them be a snack , I just am not set up for eggs and breeding and all that jazz. Though they would be some beautiful babies. I was a little freaked seeing how they have been under the weather and then all these white things , but I am glad they are just eggs.
  3. I bout a 55 gallon (Thank you petco dollar per gallon sale) to Quarantine Spooky , Melody , and Arthur. Things have been going good , but this morning I wake up to a tank full of little white balls. Now These may be eggs ??? Though I have not seen any chasing or anything or something worse related to their illness ? I tried to get it on camera the best I can.
  4. Eheim Pump Sold , everything still up for grabs
  5. Hehe nah =) But thank you for being concerned , it is great to be loved !
  6. I don't mind shipping or even meeting you halfway , I would have to get you an exact shipping figure by taking it to the Post Office.
  7. I got mine at home depot , for the fx5 it is 1" ID , but just be careful when matching up different hose than stock , sometimes it does not go as planned lol. I tried to match up Eheim hose , and boy that was a mess.
  8. I need to make a change about the FX5 , I found the original hose that came out of the box , never been cut or used. I used clear 1 inch ID hose on mine , so I put this away in storage. I found it today. Clean as the day it came out of the box.
  9. Well you know I am going over to a sump so a lot of this is stuff I no longer have use for , I decided to not use bio balls , I don't need two UV Sterilizers and I decided on something else besides the tank. All on the positive =) Don't worry I will still be around to pester you.
  10. I have some equipment I need to sell , thought I would also post here. Brand New 75 Gallon Tank $100.00 http://atlanta.craig...3745854033.html Brand New Eheim 1262 Water Pump $125.00 http://atlanta.craig...3748068781.html Fluval FX5 Canister Filter With Custom Spraybar $175.00 (No Hose Included) http://atlanta.craig...3748002485.html Eheim 2217 Canister Filter $75.00 (No Hose Included) http://atlanta.craig...3748017739.html Coralife 36 Watt Turbo Twist UV Sterilizer $125.00 http://atlanta.craig...3748027672.html 10 Gallons of Coralife Bio Balls $50.00 Link to craigslist ads included for more information and pictures. Feel free to call me as listed on AD or PM me here or e-mail me , either way works.
  11. I just did another test and it is still reading 7.6 after addition of baking soda and buffer , so for now yes the PH problem is fixed.
  12. I spoke too soon , she is back in the corner at the surface gasping for air , I don't know what to do I have Prazi already if we need it.
  13. I added the salt , it seems to have helped some already I don't have any extra air stones but will go buy some tomorrow
  14. So what looks like nitrite poisoning but isn't ? I feel like this is an episode of House. Because she has the red streaks in her tail fins indicative of Nitrite poisoning and the gasping for air at the surface from time to time Should I add Salt and see if that helps ? and how much would I give a tank this big ? 150 teaspoons of salt sounds like a heck of a lot LOL
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