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  1. Oh dear , wonder who the momma is ? I think I will let them be a snack , I just am not set up for eggs and breeding and all that jazz. Though they would be some beautiful babies. I was a little freaked seeing how they have been under the weather and then all these white things , but I am glad they are just eggs.
  2. I bout a 55 gallon (Thank you petco dollar per gallon sale) to Quarantine Spooky , Melody , and Arthur. Things have been going good , but this morning I wake up to a tank full of little white balls. Now These may be eggs ??? Though I have not seen any chasing or anything or something worse related to their illness ? I tried to get it on camera the best I can.
  3. I just did another test and it is still reading 7.6 after addition of baking soda and buffer , so for now yes the PH problem is fixed.
  4. I spoke too soon , she is back in the corner at the surface gasping for air , I don't know what to do I have Prazi already if we need it.
  5. I added the salt , it seems to have helped some already I don't have any extra air stones but will go buy some tomorrow
  6. So what looks like nitrite poisoning but isn't ? I feel like this is an episode of House. Because she has the red streaks in her tail fins indicative of Nitrite poisoning and the gasping for air at the surface from time to time Should I add Salt and see if that helps ? and how much would I give a tank this big ? 150 teaspoons of salt sounds like a heck of a lot LOL
  7. This is all the symptoms of Nitrite poisoning but there are no Nitrites showing on the test
  8. and I looked very close at her , there appears to faint blood colored streaks on the back fins. I cannot get a good look at the gills , the plates are not expanded far enough.
  9. Here is a video , You can see the little piece of skin hanging down and maybe can tell more ? I don't know =/
  10. There are some light patches around the gills and on the left hand gill I notice a little piece of flesh hanging ? and seems she does not have the same range of motion with that fin
  11. The Other Ryukin is starting to show the same symptoms. I had to go out and get some dinner , and when I returned she was in the corner at the surface breathing. I freaked out , It was time for their dinner anyway so I fixed it and put it in the tank. She took some in her mouth and spit it all back out and swam away from it. I will probably lose her too , what is going on ? The one I lost and this one were a pair , they were the ones who had so many spawnings. HELP !
  12. Thank you all for your condolences , it means a lot. Ifeel like I failed him. I am still concerned how the other Ryukin acts
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