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  1. I have purchased a number of fidh from Livefish generally hit and miss but with good results as well attached are some of the fish I have purchased much smaller at the time of purchase. Regards Paul
  2. Narny I am the member who was asking Helen for Hikari food but only the Lionhead pellets, which I have had get success with. I only feed the goldfish partly with lionhead pellets combined with other foods and never floating pellets. Thanks again for the offer. Paul
  3. Lionchu thanks for the advice but ezipets is where I used to purchase the pellets from and is not far from where I live but unfortunately they seem to have gone broke, I have tried for weeks to contact them by phone with no luck. I will try yje othr contact thanks again. Paul
  4. Koko sorry mu mistake thanks again for the advice.
  5. Koko thanks for the advice. I checked the site but unfortunately it does not list the Lionhead Pellets although it does have Hikari products listed. Can I assume that Helen from Victoria is involved with the site. The repashy prices are very reasonable but unfortunately I have just purchased some from the states but I will order it from Tasty Worms when I run out. Agin thanks for the advice. Paul
  6. I have being trying to purchase 350g Hilari Lionhead Pellets online in Australia but have not had any luck. Prefer not to have to pay the ridiculous LFS prices. I have purchased them from a local online supplier but they seem to have gone broke I was paying $22 per packet plus freight. I have ordered Nutrafin Max Goldfish Sinking Pellets from Age of Aquariums as a temporary measure but would prefer the lionhead pellets. http://www.aquaticlifeaquariums.com.au/contents/en-uk/d328_hikari-lionhead.html has been advertising them as in stock but as soon as I ordered them they were not in stock. Any advice would be appreciated. Regards Paul
  7. http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/ are excellent online suppliers I have been using them for years and http://www.livefish.com.au/ I have purchased goldfish from them and they have been good quality and value for money. Paul
  8. Just for interest the following photo was originally a back butterfly and now could be classified as a panda. It i.s about 150mm (6 inches)
  9. From experience of just having obtained about 20 goldfish around 50mm (2 inches) which are swimming fanatically in all directions as against my main tank where the average length is about 150mm (6 inches) and the only time the seem to move with any vigour is feeding time.
  10. Then you will love this one he was originally a blue panda but changed to white.
  11. Unfortunately these are some of the problems when you order online black and white pandas turn into white panda's after ehty are shipped. Such is life.
  12. The photo's are showing now and the first shipment were white when the arrived they did not have a chance to loose their colours thats they way they were.
  13. Over the last two months I have been collecting Panda Goldfish from various sources in order to set up a back and white Goldfish Tank and have noticed the extreme variations in colour variants. The first shipment was about two months ago and they were mainly white with very little back, still quite stunning fish. The second batch were about a month ago and they and had blacker fins and bodies. The next photo shows the first and second shipment fish comparison. The third group were only purchase a few days ago and are darker still. Please excuse the next photo quality as the fish are still in isolation in my garage and will be moved to the main tanks after about two weeks. Has any one else noticed these variations. Regards Paul
  14. I have found that if you buy the Birds Eye frozen chopped spinach, cut enough from the block as you require, defrost and squeeze between your finger tips when feeding, the goldfish go crazy trying to get at it. This includes Ryukins, Orandas, Ranchus, Butterflys and Pearl Scales ranging from 50mm (2 inches) to 200mm (8 inches). The smaller goldfish are a bit reluctant at first so you need to mash it finer and then they go beserk on the spinach. The 250gm packet is about $1.50 AU and last a fair while, if you can stop your family from eating it, personally I hate spinach and give my share to the goldfish. The lazy man's spinch feeding system. Regards Paul
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