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  1. What do you guys want more pics of? the pond or the yard? lol. So yes, it is a kit! I researched some and I figured by the time I paid a landscaper to dig a hole for me (as my husband won't ) and had the liner and rocks put around it and landscaping to make it look pretty I'd be out at least a couple thousand dollars. So then I started searching for kits and there wasn't even one I could find in the U.S.! I think one of us needs to go into business for small pond kits! Anyways I found this through Vancouver, B.C. http://kimsponds.com/ Also under http://www.bcponds.com/ I went with the 165g because it was 22" deep. Yeah, I am planning on leaving them out there for the winter and using a pond heater like this to keep it above freezing: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001KC2A0U/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_4?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER It can float or sink. I'll remove the fountain head and attach the bubbler head and leave the filter running all winter. I have not done a lot of research yet on how to care for them in the winter. I'm hoping @dieselplower will have some good tips for wintering. I was originally going to go with fancies but I read that they cannot over winter as well as comets and I believe the pond heater will keep the water around 40 degrees for my area and they will go into a dormant state where they will not need as much food etc. I don't know yet how often I am supposed to even feed them during this time. Its all a learning experience. Oh yeah, AND I promised my husband I would not bring them inside. This was something I had to agree to before buying the kit because I already have my 33g tropical and my 6g shrimp and nano tank.
  2. And the best part of all about it is no tools required. It assembled like the lincoln log houses I used to build with my son when he was little. Even the benches came pre-assembled, all I had to do was attach two screws to each one. So disassembly some day should be pretty easy as well. I had it put together and mostly filled with water in 90 minutes
  3. No, the 300g and the 425g are still above ground. But yeah, the 600g you have to submerge into the ground partially.
  4. Kinda wish I would have bought the 300g now, ha ha.
  5. Here are some pics of my new patio pond. I have 4 comets and 8 rosy red minnows. Its been setup for about 2 weeks. We will be moving in the next 2 to 3 years so I wanted something I could take with me I have floating pots with umbrella grass and a some mini cattails but they have not sprouted yet. Added some night time lights and a timer My first and only hyacinth bloom so far My lilly pads are starting to make it to the surface now My fish, I haven't named them yet. I found some pretty ones in the "feeder" tank. A calico, black/gold, an orange with white spots and an orange with a white tail. Thanks for looking
  6. Hi, I got my 165g patio pond setup 2 weeks ago. I used that media from my aquarium and have 0 ammonia but I continue to have low nitrites, anywhere from .10-.20 (I have an eco-exact photometer). I did a 20% water change yesterday (about 30g). I think its because the temperatures fall at night, sometimes to upper 50's and on hot days go up to 90. How worried should I be about this? Is it common? I am not sure how toxic nitrites under .25 are, though I know they can't be great. I'm not sure what I should do about it besides dosing prime every couple of days. Ended up with 4 comets from 1-2" in size, and 8 rosy red minnows. I have two lillypads that have made it to the surface and my hyacinths are doing great I am really enjoying having it. Trying this:
  7. Hoping this pic worked from my phone. http://i1155.photobucket.com/albums/p546/cmclien/2016-06-17%2013.14.23_zpskue20hpk.jpgI got it to work on the next post.
  8. I'll hold off on buying it for now. Maybe you're right, I hope so. I'll have 6 submerged lilly plants and I know the umbrella grass is good at nutrient uptake. Can only assume the cattails and other plants will do the same along with the hyacinths for some sun shade.
  9. Hi again, still waiting for my pond but instead of doing fishless I setup a 30g sterilite bin (doubled up) and yesterday I picked up four small "feeder" comets. I got a calico, a black/gold and white, a white with orange spots and an orange with a neat tail that has black and white in it. Its amazing I only paid .29 cents a piece for these little guys. They're about an inch and a half long. They're hiding, hovering at the bottom, hopefully it won't take two long to figure out I'm the food giver. They're all eating so thats a good sign so far. I setup my tetra pond filter. I ended up sending back the 50-250 and got the 250-500g which has the 550gph pump. I am glad you gave me the advice on the smaller one not being adequate. Nice big filter that will sit at the bottom of the pond and two large filter pads plus room in the bottom so I put in a liter of Seachem Matrix to help with nitrates. It has brought my aquarium nitrates to 0, great porous product allowing for anaerobic de-nitrifyers to live inside. I just tested my ammonia and nitrites this morning with my photometer (sensafe) and they're all at 0 so the two little pieces of filter floss I sandwiched in the filter seem to be doing their job so far. I dropped 6 Lilly starters in the bin and will plant in bins once I get the pond. I purchased some floating planters that I bought some umbrella grass to put in. Ordered a few water hyacinths and have a couple of floating starter packs I found at home depot that have mini cattails and a couple of small white flowering plants (anemopsis californica and houttuynia cordata. Now only if my pond would arrive! I'm looking at getting the Sun Sun submersible 13w uv filter for the summer months. We have had green water issues with our fountains in the past and I don't want to hassle with it. I need to read up more on it but looks like a good choice since its fully submersible.
  10. So you have me wondering if the nitrifyers in my aquarium will not do much good in my pond? It's worth seeding it with them though? I do use only RO in my aquarium (with replenish and alkaline buffer and fresh trace) but will be using well water for the pond which is high in alkalinity. The ph is not too far off (7.9 for the RO and 8.3 for the well), GH somewhat off, 160 or so for the RO and probably closer to 250 for the well water, same for KH, which is 100 for the RO and closer to 300ppm for the well water. I checked my nitrates today of my well water with the outside spigot and it was 8.0 (using a photometer) so this would be a good time to fill it up. Hope it comes soon before they rise I need to pick your brain on something else knowing that you were a biology teacher (if my memory serves me right). The question is on fishless cycling and how much nitrite is too much. This is an argument that comes up frequently about whether or not Nitrites over 4.0 or 5.0 will actually stall a fishless cycle. I found some scholarly articles that show free ammonia is actually the biggest issue with nitrobacter growth and that it inhibits the growth until ammonia drops near 0. I also did find an article which I will link to that showed that nitrites as low as 2.9mg/l would inhibit nitrobacter growth from the nitric oxide. But then another study showed it was 50% inhibited when levels rose to 16mg/l. Your input would be really helpful. I don't know if that question comes up here a lot too. It's hard to decipher the articles but I know you can probably help! There were quite a few out there that discussed free ammonia and nitrobacter inhibition, some as little as .1 (in higher ph scenarios). The information on both nitrosonomas and nitrobacter inhibition from NH3 and nitric acid: http://nitrification.org/ http://www.ebsbiowizard.com/2010/11/factors-impacting-nitrification/
  11. You'd only put in 2 in the 165g? I will be using a whole sponge from one of my aquarium HOB's. I have it 80% stocked (according to AQ advisor) so it has to have a fairly decent sized bio-load with 35 small fish. I was thinking of starting with 4 and some minnows. I have read lots of reviews on the barley packs and they seem to really help prevent green water with the CO2 they put out. Hoping its true.
  12. I was going by these facts: http://www.bioconlabs.com/nitribactfacts.html It states no nitrification occurs at 39 degrees. I guess it doesn't say they die though.....until it reaches 32 degrees. Thanks for all your help I'm excited to get this started in a few weeks. I'll post pics after its up. If this was your pond...how many fish (fancy or common) would you put in?
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