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  1. The nitrifying bacteria that we associate cycling aquaria with are aerobic, meaning they need oxygen to survive. So that being said a bottle of anysuch products would have to have a limited shelf life. After all the oxygen was consumed by the bacteria in the bottle it would perish and therefore be useless. Or am i missing something?
  2. I wouldn't trade my seachem prime for anything! Love it, love it, love it... Don't care bout that smell either!
  3. Great post. Shubbies are one of my favorite singletails.
  4. Sweet lookin fish. I've been searching locally for 2yrs for a pair of yellow hibunas and a pair of yellow comets. I just dont have the $ toorder from raingarden. Do any of our forum members sell yellows?
  5. +1 I agree with koko. Some of my male comets stars come and then fade away in the fall when the water temp starts to drop. Temperature is definitely a key factor in the prebreeding stage. However a few of my male hibunas stars never completely disappear even in extremely cold conditions. IME fish that are genetically closer to the wild gibel carp will keep their stars year round. I can't say for sure that this is true in general or just my isolated case.
  6. I'm havin a hard time navigating this site. All i really have ismy smartphone. Is there an app i can download to make it easier or is it all trial n error? I dont even know when my posts are being answered! Lol
  7. I've gotten a 20lb. bag of crushed oyster shells from my local farm store. Its originally used for egg development in laying hens. I've used it in my rift lake african cichlid tanks and my ponds to raise ph. All i did was thoroughly rinse it before adding it " in a sock" ro the filter.
  8. Looking to acquire yellow singletails for my pond. I currently have a 7generation sarassa comet that i believe to be of show quality and also strong lined hibunas. I'm looking to expand my breeding stock to yellows as well. I'd appreciate any info from other members. I'm located on the east coast of U.S.
  9. N.L.S. new life spectrum is also a high quality food imho.
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