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  1. Okay...due to my crazy hours at work and due to Sharkbait's physical limitations (being short mostly), we found it necessary for the goldfish to no longer live in the 55 gallon tank. It was simply too tall for Deb to clean well...and with my crazy hours at work, I was not always available to help with the cleaning. So....Deb rehomed Mahina...the white Comet....and I rehomed Mrs. Mean....my 8 year old female Convict. We tore down the 29 gallon tank that Mrs. Mean shared with a school of 6 Red Eye Tetras. Moved the 55 gallon into the office/sim room/fish room and the 30 gallon was moved into the bedroom. The 30 gallon is now home to Caldwell and Febber and the 55 is now home to my hodge podge of fish (female Convict, male Blue Acara, 2 male Bolivian Rams, 6 Red Eye Tetras, 7 Giant Danios, 3 Cory cats, 1 Banjo Cat and one Tiger Pekoltia). The goldfish really stand out against the cobalt blue back ground on the 30 and my fish zoo really look great in the larger 55. I took a video of the new tank set ups and have it posted to Youtube. Here's a link: I almost got my underwear in the video right at the end....you can just see my nekkid knees...yes, I am walking around the house without pants....it's my day off and I am celebrating by not wearing pants! Tim
  2. Jeanna727 Thanks for the tip on cleaning fake plants.....I prefer fake plants as they do not require a ton of work and 2 tons of luck to stay alive. We have some that are hard to clean......a bit of bleach and prime....that sounds easy enough. Tim
  3. yafashelli The tanks we have with the LED hoods are the Marineland LED kits. Petsmart carries them. We have a 20, a 29, and a 55 gallon in the Marineland LED sets. The 55 came with a stand and 2 LED hoods. The only thing I do not like about the hoods is the hinges are not built real strong....the ones on the 29 are broken and we are being extra careful with the hoods on the 55 to keep them from breaking. The 20 gallon tank is not set up....it is down in the basement....not sure when or if we will be setting it up again. Tim
  4. I should also mention that this also marks the 1-year anniversary of us getting Idgie, our young female Convict. Got her the same day we got Caldwell. Idgie was so tiny....she easily got lost in the 30 gallon tank. She has grown a lot this year as well. Will get an update video of her tomorrow...seeing as how I get a rare 2-day weekend....officially, we got the day off for working so hard and for carrying 6-day work weeks for the last 7 months....but I think it was just the company's way of preventing us from getting over time pay....Saturday would have been all over time for me. Tim
  5. Four days ago, November 4, marked the 1-year anniversary of the homecoming of Caldwell, the Black Moor. Over the last 12 months, it has been a real pleasure watching this fish grow from a cute young thing into an incredibly stunning fancy goldie. To commemorate this anniversary, I took a video showing Caldwell in all of her splendor....also got Febber and Mahina in the video as well so you folks can see their progress. Tim
  6. When Deb told me that she wanted to have a sculpture of Draco done, in my head I was like "What? We have Draco right there in the tank. Why do we need a sculpture of him?" but what I told her was "Okay". NOTE: Deb has a long history of wanting and buying odd things.....I have learned it is easier to let her do her thing than it is to talk her out of wasting money. When I first saw the finished sculpture and how big it is, and HOW MUCH IT LOOKS LIKE DRACO....I was glad Deb commissioned the piece of art....for that is surely what it is. This sculpture was truly worth the money all the way. I am so WOWed by the quality of the work, the detail of the base (which by the way...is a near perfect match to the colors in the gravel we use in the three tanks in the Office/Puter/Fish Tank room....I think it is called Capachino, Latte, Expresso...that's it...Expresso. Tim
  7. For those interested in the microfiber cleaning cloths, they are at Petsmart. $1.99 each. 14 by 14 inches. Nice and big. I don't think they were intended for cleaning the inside of the tank....but boy did it work. Granted, we DON'T have green or hair algae to clean, just a bit of brown algea and the bio-film on the glass, but this cloth really did the number on that stuff and was so easy to work into the corners. So soft...there is NO WAY that this will scratch the glass. Going to use it on all of our tanks from this point on. Here's a link to Petsmart.com and the cloths. http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12282664&lmdn=Product+Type Koko....Ed Sullivan? Really? Well, I guess Ed and I both have that slow, natural way of talking like English is our second or third language....so yeah...I can see that. Tim
  8. Welcome to Koko's! Best darn Goldfish forum on this end of the galaxy. I will leave the goldfish advice to those who are goldfish people......I am a cichlid person....but I will give you some advice that is true for 99% of the freshwater fish we keep in our aquariums: Large weekly water changes are a must. 75% plus is what you should be doing weekly. I do 85 to 95% weekly. My wife's 55 gallon goldfish tank (housing a Black Moor, a Fantail and a Comet) gets two such water changes per week. My heavily populated 30 gallon mixed species Cichlid, Catfish and Minnow tank get two water changes of that size as well. NOTE: My wife and I are extreme fish keepers....we would never suggest that anyone stock a tank the way we stock ours....we have no children, few friends, no social life...so we have the time and energy to do what needs done to keep our heavily stocked tanks healthy. Filtration, filtration and filtration. You can never have too much filtration.....unless the water circulation proves to be too strong for your fish to stay still and rest in. Fasting days (days when you do not feed your fish) is as important as the days you do feed your fish. Fish benefit from fasting days....gives their digestion systems a chance to clear out and helps maintain better water quality. A varied diet is super critical to healthy fish. Feeding one food all the time leads to nutritional imbalances....mix it up, toss in some spinach, some green beans, some shrimp, some orange/lemon/mango slices. Tim
  9. Fear not....there will be photos....well, there will be if I can teach Deb how to use the camera. As we were eating lunch, Deb asked me how soon she would have her new stand. I told her I need to finalize the design, get all the measurements figured out, get the materials selected, figure out how much of each material I have to pick up, then start measuring and cutting (by far the most important step). Tim
  10. As things go with my building projects....I do all the designing in my head....roll the initial design around in that noodley gray stuff up there between my ears for a day or two, then tweak the design, then some more tweaking, then toss out that design in favor of an entirely new design. I am currently on the third design....and this one I will be sticking with. I have begun "drawing" the design in Photoshop. I won't reveal any of the details of the new stand design....not even my dear Blue-Eyed Debra Jean will know the details of the design until I have the stand mostly built.....but her initial request for a basic and simple stand has been tossed out the window and replaced with something that I know she will simply LOVE once she sees it. I just need to figure out all the details of building this sucker.....material list, what tools I need to buy to do the job (my favorite part of any building project......."But Honey, I need a triple head orbiting router with a nuclear subspace field generator to build this.....so, I NEED to go to Home Depot and buy one.") This will be my first building project that involves electrical wiring.......well, not really....I have done construction work before......so I am familiar with wiring and such.....but as far as HOME projects go...this will be the first. Deb is going to LOVE this tank stand.......I might even earn enough Good Boy points to get a full blown Meat Loaf dinner out of this one! Tim
  11. The new stand will be....drum roll........20 inches tall LOL! That will bring the top of the 55 down to 41 inches above the floor. With the tank sitting that low, Deb will be able to clean it easily, the center of gravity will be much lower (less risk of a tip over) and the tank will be just about eye level when laying on the bed on our bellies watching the goldies swim...well, the bottom of the tank will be right close to mattress level. Stand length will be 48 inches...actually closer to 49. Width will be right at 19 inches...that way will be a little lip all the way around the tank. Don't worry, the tank will be fully supported, the stand will be strong enough to hold many times the weight of the 55...and it will match the platform bed and the princess box thingie I built previously. Materials will be pine framing, stainless steel wood screws and lag bolts, water resistant luan, and LOTS and LOTS of poly based Pecan stain in high gloss. As Deb stated earlier...I love building things, love any excuse to break out my tools....and really LOVE any excuse to go to the hardware store!!!!!!!!!! Tim
  12. We have been looking at a new stand on Petsmart.com....it is 4 inches shorter and 6 inches deeper front to back....built to handle up to an 18 inch by 48 inch tank......this would lower the tank and give it more stability....but for a hundred and a half ($150 or so....possibly even more), I could build a nice stand and have some money left over....I did build our platform bed and the drapery box thingie.....and the stand for the 30 gallon tank. Deb wants the modern black look....which would not be hard to do....and some storage (either shelves or a cabinet design...both easy to do). Father-in-law has a nice table saw, a nice surface planer....I could true up some 2 by 6 boards to be nice straight 2 by 5 boards.....over design and over build the stand like I did the platform bed (could easily have parked our mini-van on the platform and it would not have had a problem supporting the weight). Wrap the entire thing in luan, seal it, give it a few coats of matt black paint, then over coat that with a water proof varnish. Tim
  13. Okay...Plan B blew up in my face like a birthday cake decorated with firecrackers.....BOOOM! Mrs. Mean went after Idgie like a fat man goes after a bacon wrapped donut. So, Idgie is back in the 30, with a cavey thing now.....just have to keep an eye on her. Crap....Buddy, the Blue Acara, has laid claim to the cave! Darn cichlids! Tim
  14. Called the pet shop....they are not able to take Idgie due to her aggression. So Plan B: Bought some more plants and a couple of nice cavey things (ones that allow water to flow through them well so there is no risk of stagnant water development) and will move Idgie into the 29 gallon tank with Mrs. Mean. Put a cave on each end of the tank, use the large cast rock decor as a "divider" in the middle of the tank. Hopefully this works out.....would love to be able to keep Idgie...and there is no way I am rehoming Mrs. Mean. As far as adding more fish to the 30.....that tank is over stocked already. Water parameters are great due to 2 large water changes per week.....but a 3 foot tank with a male Blue Acara (still not fully mature yet), 7 Giant Danios, 3 Cories, 2 Bolivian Rams (about half grown), a Banjo Catfish and a Tiger Pekoltia....and Idgie....simply won't take another fish. If housing the two female Cons together does not pan out, there is another pet shop a couple counties away that specializes in cichlids and aggressive fish....and IF he is still in business with the economy being the way it is....I know he will take Idgie in...and likely keep her in one of his show tanks. Tim
  15. I've been in the fish keeping hobby on and off for 38 years.....have been fascinated with fish since I was a wee little thing. For the last 7 or 8 years, I have been keeping mainly cichlids....South American mostly with a few Central Americans thrown in. When you keep cichlids...the one rule to know is that there are no rules. Each fish sets its own guidelines for how you keep it......I have had a large cichlid in with fish small enough for them to eat and that cichlid, a 10.5 inch long Gold Severum never bothered that little red tetra. I have had "peaceful" cichlids that were bloody monsters. I knew going in with Idgie what to expect for the most part...having raised Mrs. Mean from a 3/4 inch baby and watching her do the same things that Idgie is now doing. Then to complicate matters, I added a male Blue Acara (a "peaceful" cichlid.....but my experience with Blue Acaras is that they can be real hellions). Then one of the pet stores got in a shipment of Bolivian Rams....so I added two of them to the tank...and they are scrappy little fish for sure. Not only is my 30 gallon tank overstocked....but that is how I like it and I do what needs done to keep my fish healthy....but it is pretty well packed with little swimming sticks of dynomite.....and Idgie just happened to be the stick to go BOOM first. We have an empty 20 gallon Marineland LED tank sitting out in the garage that I could keep her in...but we already have 4 tanks up and running (55, 30, 29 and 10) and with Deb's post-brain tumor deficits and my 6 day work week (and coming to the end of our 4 month slow season and heading back into our 8 month PSYCHO busy season), we simply don't have the energy, time or space for a 5th tank. Tim
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